(Best) 01 February 2021 Daily CA One Liners

01 February 2021 Daily CA One Liners

Welcome to the January 2021  01 February 2021 daily CA one liners Daily Current Affairs MCQ One Liner Section of Gk By Mr. Dj. Current Affairs Quiz will Boost Your GA Section. Daily One Liner Current Affairs About national and international news are provided here. Read these one-liners for quick revision for those who are preparing for IBPS/SBI/Po/Clerk and other competitive exams.

01 February 2021 Daily CA One Liners

📰 Daily CA One Liners ,
📅 01 February 2021 .

👤 Jay Shah Appointed President Of Asian Cricket Council (ACC)

👤 Jay Shah Succeeds Nazmul Hussain Was The Previous Chief Of The ACC

👤 Dr Rajeev Ranjan Has Been Appointed As Chief Secretary Of Tamil Nadu

🔶 PM Narendra Modi Launches ‘ India 75 ‘ Initiative To Encourage Young Writers

👨‍⚕️ Rajasthan Govt Launched ” Ayushman Bharat Mahatma Gandhi Rajasthan Health Insurance Scheme ”

✔️ The Scheme Will Cost 1400Cr To The State & 400Cr To The Central Govt Every Year

🚀 SpaceX To Launch 4 Astronauts To Space Station On April 20

👨‍🚀 NASA’s Shane Kimbrough & Megan McArthur Will Serve as Spacecraft Commander & Pilot

👨‍🚀 Japan’s Akihiko Hoshide & ESA Astronaut Thomas Pesquet Will Join As Mission Specialists

✔️ ESA : European Space Agency

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01 February 2021 Daily CA One Liners

📅 Martyr’s Day Or Shaheed Diwas Is Observed Every Year On Jan 30

🔶 Microsoft Has Launched India Development Center Facility In Noida

🔶 Year 2021 Is Announced As The Year Of The Environment Between India & France

☹️ Popular Economist Shaibal Gupta Passed Away Recently

🤝 CSIR & Ladakh Signed An Agreement For The Development Of The UT Through Science & Technology Interventions

✔️ CSIR : Council Of Scientific & Industrial Research

📒 Biography Is Titled ” SOUMITRA CHATTERJEE A Life in Cinema , Theatre , Poetry & Painting ”

✍️Co-Authored By Arjun Sengupta & Partha Mukherjee , Published By Niyogi Books

📊 2nd Edition Of The India Justice Report 2020 Released

✔️ Large & Mid Sized States Rankings

🥇 Maharashtra Retained No.1 Spot In The India Justice Report 2020

🔰 Tamil Nadu 2nd & Telangana 3rd In The India Justice Report 2020

🔰 Punjab 4th , Kerala 5th & Gujrat 6th In The India Justice Report 2020

🔰 Chattisgarh 7th & Jharkhand 8th In The India Justice Report 2020

🔰 Haryana 9th & Rajasthan 10th In The India Justice Report 2020

🔰 Odisha 11th & Andhra Pradesh 12th In The India Justice Report 2020

🔰 Bihar 13th & Karnataka 14th In The India Justice Report 2020

🔰 Uttarakhand 15th & Madhya Pradesh 16th In The India Justice Report 2020

🔰 West Bengal 17th & Uttar Pradesh 18th In The India Justice Report 2020

✔️ Small States Rankings

🔰 Tripura 1st , Sikkim 2nd & Goa 3rd In The India Justice Report 2020

🔰 Himachal Pradesh 4th & Arunachal Pradesh 5th In The India Justice Report 2020

🔰 Mizoram 6th & Meghalaya 7th In The India Justice Report 2020

●01 February 2021 The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams.

1. WITHER (VERB): (मुरझाना): wilt
Synonyms: droop, fade
Antonyms: thrive
Example Sentence:
The grass had withered to an unappealing brown.

2. INHERENT (ADJECTIVE): (आंतरिक): intrinsic
Synonyms: innate, immanent
Antonyms: acquired
Example Sentence:
Any form of mountaineering has its inherent dangers.

3. INCEPTION (NOUN): (स्थापना): establishment
Synonyms: institution, foundation
Antonyms: end
Example Sentence:
She has been on the board since its inception two years ago.

4. EXTANT (ADJECTIVE): (जीवित): surviving
Synonyms: remaining, abiding
Antonyms: non-existent
Example Sentence:
Two fourteenth-century manuscripts of this text are still extant.

5. MISBELIEF (NOUN): (ग़लतफ़हमी): unorthodoxy
Synonyms: heresy, delusion
Antonyms: orthodoxy
Example Sentence:
It is a misbelief that alcohol problems require a specialist response.

6. SCARCELY (ADVERB): (कठिनता से): rarely
Synonyms: seldom, infrequently
Antonyms: often
Example Sentence:
They could scarcely all be wrong.

7. OPPRESSIVE (ADJECTIVE): (उत्पीड़क): harsh
Synonyms: cruel, brutal
Antonyms: lenient
Example Sentence:
The country is ruled by an oppressive regime.

8. AUGMENT (VERB): (बढ़ाना): increase
Synonyms: add to, supplement
Antonyms: decrease
Example Sentence:
His joys augmented after his promotion.

9. EQUITABLE (ADJECTIVE): (न्यायसंगत): fair
Synonyms: just, impartial
Antonyms: inequitable
Example Sentence:
This equitable arrangement was accepted by the estates directly.

10. FORTHWITH (ADVERB): (तत्काल): immediately
Synonyms: at once, instantly
Antonyms: sometime
Example Sentence:
We forthwith paid the money required.

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