11 January 2021 MCQs Current Affairs Quiz

11 January 2021 MCQs Current Affairs Quiz

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1. Which state/UT has launched a Mobile Application called ‘Satark Nagrik’?


2. Which IT sector company has signed an MoU with Tel Aviv University for research in quantum computing?


3. After Tamil Academy, Delhi government has announced to estabish Konkani Academy. Konkani is the official language of which state?


4. A team of all-woman pilots of which Airline is set to create history by flying over the North Pole in an attempt to cover the world’s longest air route?


5. The government has reduced the age limit of the aspirants of Jammu and Kashmir Administrative Services Exam from 37 years to __________ years?


6. Which state has decided to create a new Bagasara Prant in Amreli district?


7. Which Airline has deployed an ultraviolet robotic device to disinfect aircraft at Delhi airport?


8. What is the capital of Central African Republic, seen in news recently?


9. Which bank has launched a Shaurya Salary Account to provide banking services to Army personnel?


10. Which edition of the Kolkata International Film Festival (KIFF) was recently inaugurated?


11. Which state has signed an MoU with Cambridge University to improve English language proficiency of teachers?


12. Which E-commerce company has signed an MoU with the Logistics Skill Sector Council (LSC) to launch a Centre of Excellence (CoE)?


13. India’s first indoor Ski Park will come at which place?


14. Which bank and NABFOUNDATION have entered into an MoU to undertake the Nabard-sponsored ‘My Pad My Right’ project?


15. World Hindi Day is celebrated every year on January 10. The day was observed for the very first time in which year?


16. India’s first Fire Park has been established in which of the following states?


17. ‘Mera Gaon, Mera Gaurav’ Programme is an initiative of which of the following Institutions?


18. A high-level committee under whose chairmanship has been formed to commemorate the 125th birth anniversary of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose?


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