14  February 2021 Daily CA One Liners

14  February 2021 Daily CA One Liners

Welcome to the January 2021  14 February 2021 daily CA one liners Daily Current Affairs MCQ One Liner Section of Gk By Mr. Dj. Current Affairs Quiz will Boost Your GA Section. Daily One Liner Current Affairs About national and international news are provided here. Read these one-liners for quick revision for those who are preparing for IBPS/SBI/Po/Clerk and other competitive exams.

14 February 2021 Daily CA One Liners

📰 Daily CA One Liners ,
📅 14 February 2021.

📅 13 February : World Radio Day

📌 Theme 2021 : ” New World , New Radio ”

✅ United Nations Radio Was Established Back In 13 February , 1946

📅 National Women’s Day Is Observed Every Year On 13 February

✅ To Commemorate The Birth Anniversary Of Sarojini Naidu

✅ This Year Nation Celebrates Its 142nd Birth Anniversary

📅 12 February : National Productivity Day

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12 February 2021 Daily CA One Liners

✅ The Day Is Celebrated By The National Productivity Council

👤 Marc Llistosella Appointed As New CEO And MD Of Tata Motors

👤 P V Sanjay Kumar Appointed Chief Justice Of Manipur High Court

✅ He Was Appointed As An Additional Judge Of The AP HC In 2008

✅ He Was Transferred To Punjab And Haryana High Court In 2019

👤 Dhiraj Malhotra Appointed BCCI GM (Cricket Development)

🔶 IRCTC Has Launched A New Payment Gateway Called The IRCTC iPAY

✅ IRCTC : Indian Railway Tourism And Catering Corporation

🤝 Maharashtra Govt Signs MoU With Flipkart To Promote Wooden Toys , Local Artifacts , Handicrafts

🔶 UP Police Launched ” Humari Surakhsa : Mobile Haanth Mein , 1090 Saath Mein ”

🔶 Punjab Becomes 13th State To Complete One Nation One Ration Card System Reform

💰 World Bank Signs $100 M Project With Chhattisgarh For CHIRAAG Project

✅ CHIRAAG : Chhattisgarh Inclusive Rural & Accelerated Agriculture Growth

🔶 Odisha To Construct ” COVID Warrior Memorial ” In Bhubaneswar

📒 Actor Priyanka Chopra Jonas ’ Memoir Named ” Unfinished ”

✅ A Book , Published By The Michael Joseph Imprint

🛰️ ISRO Has Opened Its UR Rao Satellite Centre For Testing Satellites

🏆 Drass Red Has Won The 13th CEC Cup Ice Hockey Championship .

🎯 14 February 2021 Current Affairs

Q.1. Which state’s police has launched a new digital outreach program to promote women safety and empowerment ?
Ans. Uttar Pradesh Police

Q.2. Which state has banned the wearing of Monal bird’s crest on the cap?
Ans. Himachal Pradesh

Q.3. Who has recently passed the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization Amendment Bill?
Ans. Lok Sabha

Q.4. The United States and which country has canceled the emergency order issued for the construction of the border wall?
Ans. Mexico

Q.5. Who detected a huge optical glow in a fading supermassive black hole?
Ans. Indian astronomers

Q.6. Mrs. Pushpa Virendra Ganeediwala has been appointed as Additional Judge of which High Court?
Ans. Bombay High Court

Q.7. How many km walk race has Munita Prajapati set in the 36th National Junior Athletics Championship?
Ans. 10 km walk race

Q.৪. Who has launched India’s first diesel converted CNG tractor ?
Ans. Mr. Nitin Gadkari

Q.9. Which state has launched two schemes namely Pragyan Bharti and Bhasha Gaurav?
Ans. Assam

Q.10. Which nation has announced an ambitious 10-year space program including the 2023 Moon mission?
Ans. Turkey‌‌

●14 February 2021 The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams.

1. OBSERVE (VERB): (ध्यान से देखना): notice
Synonyms: see, note
Antonyms: overlook
Example Sentence:
She observed that all the chairs were already occupied.

2. VOLATILE (ADJECTIVE): (तनावपूर्ण): tense
Synonyms: strained, fraught
Antonyms: stable
Example Sentence:
The political situation become volatile.

3. EARNEST (ADJECTIVE): (गंभीर): serious
Synonyms: serious-minded, solemn
Antonyms: frivolous
Example Sentence:
His simple, earnest response and the conviction on his face floored her.

4. NOBLE (ADJECTIVE): (कुलीनतंत्रीय): aristocratic
Synonyms: noble-born, titled
Antonyms: humble
Example Sentence:
The medieval palace was once owned by a noble Florentine family.

5. ENERVATE (VERB): (क्षीण करना): exhaust
Synonyms: tire, fatigue
Antonyms: invigorate
Example Sentence:
The hot sun enervated her to the point of collapse.

6. DYNAMIC (ADJECTIVE): (ऊर्जावान): energetic
Synonyms: spirited, active
Antonyms: half-hearted
Example Sentence:
The city is a dynamic metropolitan area.

7. ZEALOUS (ADJECTIVE): (उत्साही): fervent
Synonyms: ardent, fervid
Antonyms: apathetic
Example Sentence:
He is ticketed as a zealous reformer.

8. IDLE (ADJECTIVE): (तुच्छ): frivolous
Synonyms: trivial, trifling
Antonyms: serious
Example Sentence:
He did not want to waste valuable time in idle chatter.

9 CLANDESTINE (ADJECTIVE): (गुप्त): secret
Synonyms: covert, furtive
Antonyms: open
Example Sentence:
She deserved better than these clandestine meetings.

10. IMPOTENT (ADJECTIVE): (शक्तिहीन): powerless
Synonyms: ineffective, ineffectual
Antonyms: powerful
Example Sentence:
He was seized with an impotent anger.

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