18  February 2021 Daily CA One Liners

18  February 2021 Daily CA One Liners

Welcome to the January 2021  18 February 2021 daily CA one liners Daily Current Affairs MCQ One Liner Section of Gk By Mr. Dj. Current Affairs Quiz will Boost Your GA Section. Daily One Liner Current Affairs About national and international news are provided here. Read these one-liners for quick revision for those who are preparing for IBPS/SBI/Po/Clerk and other competitive exams.

18 February 2021 Daily CA One Liners


🎯 18 February 2021 Current Affairs

Q.1. Pulguru Venkata Sanjay Kumar has become the new Chief Justice of which state’s High Court?
Ans. Manipur

Q.2. What has the IPL team Kings XI Punjab changed its name to?
Ans. Punjab kings

Q.3. Who has launched Jute Seed Distribution Scheme?
Ans. Smriti Irani

Q.4. When is the 74th foundation day of Delhi Police celebrated?
Ans. 16 February

Q.5. Which country’s team became the first team to win 100 international matches in T20 cricket?
Ans. Pakistan

Q.6. Who has launched ‘E Cantonment Portal’?
Ans. Rajnath Singh

Q.7. Foreign Secretary Harshvardhan Shringla will go on a two-day visit to which country?
Ans. Russia

Q.8. Which former wicketkeeper batsman of the Indian cricket team has retired from all formats?
Ans. Naman Ojha

Q.9. Who has become the new Director General of Special Assembly of ISA?
Ans. Ajay Mathur

Q.10. Which sports authority is allowed to fly drones for live streaming?
Ans. Board of Control for Cricket in India‌‌

Q.11. According to India Ratings and Research, what percent of India’s GDP is estimated to be in FY 2022?
Ans. 10.4%

Q.12. Which state government has launched the Maa Yojana to provide food to the poor for free at Rs 5?
Ans. West Bengal

Q.13. Who wrote the book ‘The Terrible Horrible Very Bad Good News’?
Ans. Meghna Pant

Q.14. Which state’s chief minister has inaugurated the Abhyudaya scheme?
Ans. Uttar Pradesh

Q.15. Which country has launched Cargo Spacecraft Progress 77 ‘?
Ans. Russia

Q.16. Which state has made Aadhaar card mandatory for Covid-19 vaccination?
Ans. Bihar

Q.17. Where has the famous three-day Mandu Mahotsa started?
Ans. Madhya Pradesh

Q.8. With whom has HCL Technology tied up for cooperation in the area of cyber security?
Ans. IIT Kanpur

Q.19. What is the percentage increase in the production of Khadi?
Ans. 29%

Q.20. Where is the National Sanskrit Festival 2021 going to be held?
Ans. West Bengal

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12 February 2021 Daily CA One Liners

●18 February 2021 The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams.

1. WANE (VERB): (क्षीण होना): decrease
Synonyms: decline, diminish
Antonyms: increase
Example Sentence:
About half-past eight the combat began to wane.

2. DEPLOY (VERB): (तैनात करना): position
Synonyms: station, post
Antonyms: concentrate
Example Sentence:
Forces were deployed at strategic locations.

3. DISASTROUS (ADJECTIVE): (विनाशकारी): bcatastrophic
Synonyms: calamitous, cataclysmic
Antonyms: fortunate
Example Sentence:
A disastrous fire swept through the museum.

4. OVERLOOK (VERB): (अनदेखी करना): disregard
Synonyms: neglect, ignore
Antonyms: punish
Example Sentence:
She was more than ready to overlook his faults.

5. HUMANITARIAN (ADJECTIVE): (मानवतावादी): compassionate
Synonyms: humane, unselfish
Antonyms: selfish
Example Sentence:
She has been recognized as a great humanitarian for her efforts to end hunger.

6. TORMENT (NOUN): (व्यथा): agony
Synonyms: suffering, torture
Antonyms: pleasure
Example Sentence:
Their deaths have left both families in torment.

7. RELENTLESS (ADJECTIVE): (सतत): persistent
Synonyms: continuing, constant
Antonyms: short-lived
Example Sentence:
The heat of the desert is relentless.

8. ALLY (NOUN): (सहयोगी): associate
Synonyms: colleague, friend
Antonyms: enemy
Example Sentence:
He was forced to dismiss his closest ally.

9. PROFUSE (ADJECTIVE): (प्रचुर): copious
Synonyms: prolific abundant
Antonyms: scarce
Example Sentence:
I offered my profuse apologies.

10. FIDGETY (ADJECTIVE): (बेचैन): restless
Synonyms: restive, on edge
Antonyms: calm
Example Sentence:
I get nervous and fidgety at the dentist.

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