20-21 January MCQs Quiz

20-21 January MCQS Quiz 2021

Read Current Affairs Of 21 January 2021

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1. Name the Indian who has been awarded the 26th Annual Crystal Award at the  50th Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos?


2. What is the rank of India in 23rd Pwc CEO Survey, released annually at the World Economic Forum annual meeting?


3. In the year 2020, India will be observing ______Republic Day of the country


4. Name the newly appointed MD & CEO of Bank of Baroda


5. ICICI Bank has launched the cardless cash withdrawal facility from its ATMs. What is the daily transaction limit set under the facility?


6. M Meena Kumari, Monika, Ritu Grewal and Bhagyabati Kachari have won silver medal for India recently. They are related with which sports event?


7. Apollo Hospitals has partnered with which company to launch co-branded health EMI card to ensure patients undergo hassle-free payment during hospitalisation?


8. Lingam Venkata Prabhakar is the new MD & CEO of which bank?


9. Divyansh Singh Pawar and Apurvi Chandela have won gold medal in their respective event category. They represent which sport?


10. As per the 2020 Greenpeace India report, Jharia is the most polluted city in India. It is located in which state?


11. PM Modi has recently inaugurated the Integrated Check Post (ICP) at Jogbani-Biratnagar built with Indian assistance. The ICP is in which country?


12. Who among the following has been appointed as the new Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Bank of India?


13. President Ramnath Kovind recently presented the 14th Ramnath Goenka Excellence award. The award is given for extraordinary contribution in which field?


14. Who has topped the latest ICC Men’s ODI Bowling Rankings released on 20 January 2020?


15. What is the rank of India in the Global Social Mobility Index 2020 by WEF?


16. Elyes Fakhfakh has recently been named as Prime Minister-designate of Tunisia. What is the currency of Tunisia?


17. Name the cricket player to achieve top position in the latest ICC Men’s ODI Batting Rankings


18. Jair Messias Bolsonaro has been invited to be the Chief Guest at the 2020 Republic Day of India celebrations. Bolsonaro is the President of which country?


19. Which country will provide training to the Indian flight surgeons, selected for the ambitious human space mission Gaganyaan 2022?


20. Which country has topped the World Economic Forum’s Global Social Mobility Index 2020?


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