20 February 2021 Daily CA One Liners ( Best )

20 February 2021 Daily CA One Liners

Welcome to the January 2021  20 February 2021 daily CA one liners Daily Current Affairs MCQ One Liner Section of Gk By Mr. Dj. Current Affairs Quiz will Boost Your GA Section. Daily One Liner Current Affairs About national and international news are provided here. Read these one-liners for quick revision for those who are preparing for IBPS/SBI/Po/Clerk and other competitive exams.

20 February 2021 Daily CA One Liners

20 February 2021 Current Affairs

Q.1. Who wrote the book “The Terrible Horrible Very Bad News”?
Ans. Meghna Pant

Q.2. Which state’s Chief Minister has inaugurated the Abhyudaya Scheme?
Ans. Uttar Pradesh

Q.3. Which country has launched Kargon Spacecraft Progress 77?
Ans. Russia

Q.4. Which state has mandated the card for Covid-19 vaccination?
Ans. Bihar

Q.5. Hima Das has been made the Deputy Superintendent (DSP) of which state?
Ans. Assam

Q.6. Where is India’s first dolphin research center being built?
Ans. Patna

Q.7. Which country has unveiled a 10-year space program including the 2023 moon mission?
Ans. Turkey

Q.8. When is the birth anniversary of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa celebrated?
Ans. 18 February

Q.9. Who has started ‘Pilot Pay Hydrographic’?
Ans. Hardeep Singh Puri

Q.10. Which state government has amended the jail rules?
Ans. Rajasthan

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12 February 2021 Daily CA One Liners

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●20 February 2021 The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams.

1. INTRANSIGENT (ADJECTIVE):(हठी): uncompromising
Synonyms: inflexible, unbending
Antonyms: compliant
Example Sentence:
Her father had tried persuasion, but she was intransigent.

2. CUTTING-EDGE (ADJECTIVE): (अत्यधिक उन्नत): highly advanced
Synonyms: innovative, pioneering
Antonyms: outdated
Example Sentence:
The firm introduced some cutting-edge technology.

3. ANGST (NOUN): (उत्कंठा): anxiety
Synonyms: fear, dread
Antonyms: calmness
Example Sentence:
The middle classes go through existential angst.

4. ACCREDIT (VERB): (मान्य करना): recognize
Synonyms: license, authorize
Antonyms: ban
Example Sentence:
Institutions that do not meet the standards will not be accredited for teacher training.

5. INDIGENOUS (NOUN): (स्वदेशी): native
Synonyms: aboriginal, local
Antonyms: expatriate
Example Sentence:
The most indigenous inhabitants were the American Indians.

6. SCANDALOUS (ADJECTIVE): (अपमानपूर्ण): discreditable
Synonyms: disreputable, dishonourable
Antonyms: seemly
Example Sentence:
The magazine published scandalous pictures of the movie star.

7. ACQUIT (VERB): (बरी करना): absolve
Synonyms: clear, exonerate
Antonyms: convict
Example Sentence:
One was brought to trial on a charge of affray and was acquitted.

8. RETROGADE (ADJECTIVE): (प्रतिगामी): regressive
Synonyms: negative, downhill
Antonyms: positive
Example Sentence:
To go back on the progress that has been made would be a retrograde step.

9. PERSEVERANCE (NOUN): (दृढ़ता): persistence
Synonyms: tenacity, determination
Antonyms: irresolution
Example Sentence:
His perseverance with the technique illustrates his single-mindedness.

10. BANKRUPT (ADJECTIVE): (दिवालिया): insolvent
Synonyms: bankrupted, failed
Antonyms: solvent
Example Sentence:
His father went bankrupt and the family had to sell their home.

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