5 January MCQ Quiz Question

5 January MCQ Quiz Question

Current Affairs Quiz helps aspirants go through the events with ease.  To help students in their exam preparation no matter it is a Government exam, 5 January MCQ Quiz Question

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5 January Quiz

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In January 2021, who has been appointed as the new British High Commissioner to India in succession to Sir Philip Barton?

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Who will flag off the world's first double-stack long haul 1.5 km long container train hauled by electric traction from New Ateli -New Kishangarh?

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Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade is organizing Udyog Manthan – a marathon of focused sector-specific webinars for promoting quality and productivity in the Indian industry. The webinar series comprises of how many sessions?

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The Health Ministry of which country has authorized Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, marking the vaccine's third regulatory authorization and the first outside North America?

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Which of the following provinces of China entered "wartime" mode in January 2021?

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Vietnam has started buying rice from India for the first time in decades. Indian traders have been contracted to export how many tonnes of 100 per cent broken rice for January and February 2021 shipments?

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The first meeting of the high-level project monitoring committee to review the progress of projects funded by the Indian Line of Credit (LOC) was held in which city in January 2021?

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Which state will cover 4000 villages under the Kisan Suryoday Yojana by the end of January 2021?

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Which state launched a special program named as Kisan Kalyan Mission for farmer welfare and to double the farmer's income of the state in January 2021?

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In January 2021, which state government has declared bird flu as a state disaster?

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Which state will conduct another dry run on 8th January 2021 in each district to ensure there is no loophole before the actual rollout of the coronavirus vaccine?

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At which of the following places, on behalf of the Fire and Fury Corps, the Ladakh Scouts Regiment Centre (LSRC) observed Operation Sadhbhavana in January 2021?

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Maharashtra government has planned to supply water from Mhaisal Irrigation Scheme in which district to the remaining 65 villages in the drought-prone areas?

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Who launched an exclusive Freight Business Development portal in 5 January 2021?

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In January 2021, which of the following has raised $5 million in a Series A funding round?

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S&P Global Ratings has assigned which of the following ratings to a proposed issue of senior unsecured notes by State Bank of India under the bank's $10 billion medium-term note programme?

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SpiceJet will operate how many new domestic and international flights from January 12, 2021?

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The historic jail at Aguada in which state, which no longer houses prisoners, is being developed as a tourist spot?

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In January 2021, which of the following has crossed ₹2 trillion in market valuation after the stock surged nearly 20% in the last three weeks?

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In January 2021, which of the following has announced operational guidelines for the Payments Infrastructure Development Fund (PIDF) scheme?

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