Accounting for Management MCQ

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Given below are Accounting for Management MCQ with answers. These MCQs are equally useful for managerial accounting, accounting for managers & accounting for management subject. This is also useful to explore subtopics like Financial Statements, Budgeting, cost accounting, marginal costing, corporate accounting etc.

Accounting for Management MCQ

MBA, BBA, B Com, M Com, MMS, PGDBM, PGDM, BA, MA and CA students can use these multiple choice questions for university exams. These solved MA MCQ sets are also helpful for entrance exams like UPSC, UGC NET, SET, MPSC etc.

Accounting for Management MCQ

71. …………….is the dividend paid to the members of a company during a
financial year before the finalization of annual accounts.

A. bonus

B. final dividend

C. interim dividend

D. none of these

72. Fund lost in operations represent………………..

A. inflow of funds

B. outflow of funds

C. neither inflow nor outflow

D. none of these

73. Which of the following results in Increase of working capital ?

A. increase in current assets

B. decrease in current assets

C. increase in current liabilities

D. all of these

74. Which among the following results in decrease of working capital ?

A. increase in current liabilities

B. increase in current assets

C. decrease in current liabilities

D. none of these

75. According to SEBI requirements Cash flow statement is prepared by
categorizing cash flows into operating, investing and …………..activities

A. financing

B. routine

C. long term

D. none of these

A. cash

B. cash and cash equivalents

C. working capital

D. all of these

77. Cash, according to cash flow statement comprises of ……………

A. liquid cash only

B. cash in hand

C. cash in hand and demand deposits with banks

D. none of these

78. ………are short term , highly liquid investments that are readily convertible
into known amounts of cash and which are subject to an insignificant risk of changes in value.

A. cash equivalents

B. short term investments

C. marketable securities

D. all of these

79. Flow of cash is said to have taken place when any transactions makes
changes in the amount of ………….before happening of the transactions.

A. cash

B. cash equivalents

C. both of these

D. none of these

80. Which among the following are examples of cash flow from operating
activities ?

A. cash receipts from sale of goods

B. cash receipts from royalties

C. cash payments to suppliers

D. all of these

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