( Best 400+ ) Advertising and Sales Promotion MCQ

by Mr. DJ

Advertising and Sales Promotion MCQ

Advertising and Sales Promotion MCQ

391. Which of these is not a sales promotion technique?

  1. Coupon
  2. Questionnaire
  3. Bonus pack
  4. Loyalty card


Correct answer: (B) Questionnaire

392. The highest possible rate for advertising time or space.

  1. Gross rate
  2. Consumer rate
  3. Ad rate
  4. Cost


Correct answer: (A) Gross rate

393. A/An ______________ made up of the company´s own advertising staff may provide full services or a limited range of services.

  1. Intrafirm agency
  2. In-house agency
  3. Promotional department
  4. Full-service agency


Correct answer: (B) In-house agency

394. One reason for using magazines as an advertising medium is

  1. Their ability to target specific audiences
  2. The short lead time needed to place an ad
  3. Their low cost
  4. The lack of noise associated with the use of magazines in the communication channel


Correct answer: (A) Their ability to target specific audiences

395. An opportunity to deliver an advertising element to a Website visitor,

  1. Snippet
  2. Banner ads
  3. Pop-up ads
  4. Ad request


Correct answer: (D) Ad request

396. The `hierarchy of human needs´ is a valuable guide in the process of Ad. copy formulation. Who devised it?

  1. Abraham H. Maslow
  2. Philip Lesley
  3. Paul Lazarsfeld
  4. Leon Festinger


Correct answer: (A) Abraham H. Maslow

397. Most advertising messages are made up of two types of elements. They are

  1. Functional and persuasive
  2. Expository and persuasive
  3. Informational and persuasive
  4. Informational and creative


Correct answer: (C) Informational and persuasive

398. Infomercials often resemble other types of television shows, including

  1. Talk shows
  2. Live, audience-participation shows
  3. News shows
  4. All of these


Correct answer: (D) All of these

399. Awareness, ______________, ______________, preference, ______________ and purchase are the stages consumers move through in terms of buyer-readiness.

  1. Post-purchase, knowledge, liking
  2. Liking, attitude, conviction
  3. Knowledge, liking, conviction
  4. Knowledge, liking, attitude


Correct answer: (C) Knowledge, liking, conviction

400. Which type of promotional tool is non-public, immediate, customized, and interactive?

  1. Segmented advertising
  2. Direct marketing
  3. Brand contacts
  4. Public relations


Correct answer: (B) Direct marketing

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