( Best ) Ancient History MCQ Question-1 

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Ancient History MCQ Question-1

Ancient History MCQ Question-1 :- Complete MCQs on Indian History, covering all the important topics are discussed here. Only selected MCQs are covered to maintain a good quality of MCQs. We are in progress to add a detailed discussion with every Ancient History MCQ Question-1 MCQs where it required. Most of the exams repeat the questions or roam around the important topics. We have selected these questions which have been asked in various government exam all over India. I wish this will boost your preparation and confidence at the same time. Ancient History MCQ Question-1 will help you in boost your Knowledge.

Ancient History MCQ Question-1

1. Which one of the following is more probable regarding the Harappa Script?
(A) Pictographic
(B) Summerian
(C) Proto Dravidian
(D) Sanskritic
2. The great Bath was found in
(A) Mohenjo-Daro
(B) Kalibangan
(C) Lothal
(D) Harappa
3. Which emperor has been called Napolean of India?
(A) Samudragupta
(B) Chandragupta II Vikramaditya
(C) Asoka
(D) Kanishka
4. The first metal discovered by man was
(A) Zinc
(B) Copper
(C) Iron
(D) Aluminum
5. Who composed the Allahabad Prasasti?
(A) Harisena
(B) Vasumitra
(C) Asvaghosha
(D) Nagarjuna
6. Which was a major port of the Indus Valley?
(A) Chanhudaro
(B) Mehargarh
(C) Lothal
(D) Kalibangan
7. What was the policy of Samudragupta in the south?
(A) Digvijay
(B) Dharmavijaya
(C) Conquest
(D) None of the above
8. Who was the first independent King of Bengal?
(A) Gopala
(B) Mahasengupta
(C) Sasanka
(D) King Ganesh
9. The Indus Valley Civilization belongs to the
(A) Mesolithic period
(B) Chalcolithic period
(C) Neolithic period
(D) Paleolithic period
10. Who wrote Ramcharita ?
(A) Sandhyakara Nandi
(B) Tulsi Das
(C) Banabhatta
(D) Kalidasa
11. Total number of Puranas
(A) 43
(B) 10
(C) 11
(D) 18
12. Sulapani was a famous artist of the
(A) Pala Period
(B) Sena Period
(C) Kushana Period
(D) Gupta Period
13. Divya was the leader of the
(A) Munda Rebellion
(B) Santal Rebellion
(C) Kaivarta Rebellion
(D) Kol Rebellion
14. With the people of which country Harappan people carried trade ?
(A) Russia
(B) Summer
(C) China
(D) Iran
15. Who was the court poet of Samudra Gupta?
(A) Aryabhatta
(B) Harisena
(C) Asvaghosha
(D) Nagarjuna

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