( Best 325+ ) Ancient History One Liner

by Mr. DJ

181 .Who wrote a treatise on Medical Science in ancient India?



182 .The earliest evidence for the occurrence of silver in India has been found from Harappan Culture. With which age is the Indus Valley Civilization related?

Answer:-Proto-historic era


183 .Which dynasty came to power in Magadha after the downfall of the Mauryas?

Answer:-Sunga dynasty


184 .Among the four Vedas, which one has described magical charms and spells?

Answer:-Atharva Veda


185 .The Indus Valley Civilization was a non-Aryan civilization because:

Answer:-it was an urban civilization


186 .An author has written a book, titled ‘Rasratnakar,’ on the extraction of metals from ores. The same author has also written a book on Ayurveda, titled ‘Arogya Manjari.’ He is:



187 .The state language of the Satavahanas was



188 .What was the most distinctive feature of the Indus Valley Civilization?

Answer:-Systematic Urban Life


189 .Who has authored ‘Saundaranand’?



190 .Pulakesin II was the greatest ruler of the

Answer:-Chalukyas of Badami


191 .Who is considered as the God of Medicine in the field of Ayurveda?



192 .In which metal did the Satavahanas mainly mint their coins?



193 .Which ruler, for the first time, selected Pataliputra as his capital?



194 .Among Susruta, Charaka, Charvaka and Dhanvantri, who was not a physician?



195 .Which was the only Indus city without a citadel?


196 .Which city of the Indus Valley Civilisation was discovered first?



197 .According to the Periplus of the Erythrean Sea, the harbour situated on the western coast was:

Answer:-Sopara, Muziris, Barbericum


198 .The Uttaramerur inscription provides information on the administration of the



199 .Which animal is not present in the Lion capital mounted on Asokan pillar at Sarnath?



200 .Worship of Mother Goddess is associated with:

Answer:-Indus Valley Civilization

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