Ancient History One Liner

101 .Which ruler got the Bodhi tree axed at Bodh Gaya?



102 .Who was the tutor of Alexander the Great?



103 .For which accomplishment was the Gupta dynasty famous?

Answer:-Art and Architecture


104 .Nishka, a type of coin was used during_______period.



105 .The other name of Chanakya was


106 .Where is the Kailasanatha Temple, the exquisite specimen of Dravidian art, located?



107 .The capital city of the Chalukya dynasty was at:



108 .Who started the practice of making land donations to Brahmans and Buddhists?



109 .Among the archaeological remains of Indus Valley Civilization such as earthen utensils, coins, boats and buildings, which can be considered as the indicator of the then economic and business activities?



110 .The main source of livelihood of the Aryans in the ancient times was:
Answer:- Agriculture

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111 .Where was the first Buddhist Council held ?



112 .With which field is Charaka associated?



113 .As per the Buddhist tradition, who is considered as the next incarnation of Lord Budhha?



114 .With reference to the people of Hind (Bharat), the first to use word ‘Hindu’ was

Answer:-The Arabs


115 .The capital of Kanishka was:

Answer:-Purushapura (Peshawar)


116 .What was the purpose behind the Varna system in India?

Answer:-Occupational division of labour


117 .Who is known as the ‘Napoleon of India?



118 .Among the Upanishads, Vedas, Tripitikas and Jataka tales, which is the sacred text of the Buddhists?



119 .Which scholar equated Chandragupta Maurya with the Greek reference to Sandrocotus?

Answer:-William Jones


120 .The ratio of gold: silver coins during the Saka-Kushana period was:


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