( Best 100+ ) Ancient Indian History MCQs

by Mr. DJ

Ancient Indian History MCQs

11.Which physician was sent by Bimbisara to treat Avanti King Pradyota?

[A] Jivaka
[B] Udayin
[C] Kalashoka
[D] Both a & b

12.Which Ashokan inscription mentions five contemporary Hellenic Kings?

[A] Major Rock Edict XI
[B] Major Rock Edict XII
[C] Major Rock Edict X
[D] Major Rock Edict XIII

13.Which was the important trade centre of ancient India on the trade route connecting Kalyana with Vengi?

[A] Tagara
[B] Sripura
[C] Tripuri
[D] Tamralipti

14.Which rock edict of Ashoka mentions the purpose of the rock edicts?

[A] Major Rock Edict XIV
[B] Major Rock Edict XV
[C] Major Rock Edict XI
[D] Major Rock Edict XIII

15.Which of the following officers were mandated by Asoka to spread the Dhamma Policy of Asoka?

[A] Yuktas
[B] Pradesikas
[C] Rajukas
[D] All of above

16.The Ashoka’s Bairut inscription was brought to Allahabad by__?

[A] Cunningham
[B] James Princep
[C] Feroj Shah Tughlaq
[D] Jahangir

17.Which of the following Upanishads gives clear reference of four Ashrams of individual’s life?

[A] Jabala Upanishad
[B] Katha Upanishad
[C] Virhadranyaka Upanishad
[D] None of the above

18.Who wrote Mahabhashya?

[A] Panini
[B] Patanjali
[C] Kalidas
[D] Tulsidas

19.That the homeland of the Aryans was Arctic Region, was propounded by ___?

[A] Max Muller
[B] Edward Meyer
[C] Bal Gangadhar Tilak
[D] Herzefeld

20.Bring out the only incorrect statement:

[A] Jorwe culture was most prominent in Maharashtra
[B] Hathonora is a site where a true hominid fossil was found
[C] The Earliest evidence of Rice cultivation has come from Belan Valley
[D] The people of all sites in Rajasthan during the Neolithic age were aware of Bricks

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