April MCQ Quiz-2020

April MCQ Quiz-2020

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April MCQ Quiz-2020

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April MCQ Quiz 2020

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Which Indian institute has developed the prototype for indigenous ventilator under project Praana?

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Name the Indian ministry which has launched the portal named “Stranded in India”.

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Name the company which has launched an initiative named ‘Pragati’ to drive women entrepreneurship and to spread awareness and adoption of technology among women in India.

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Find the airline company which launches India’s first cargo-on-seat flights to carry essentials amid Covid-19.

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Name the 1st state in India which integrates Ayurveda and Allopathy to boost immunity of covid-19 patients.

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As per report titled “East Asia and Pacific in the Time of COVID-19″ the poverty is estimated to rise by 11 million in East Asia pacific region. Name the Organisation which released the report.

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Name the person who has been appointed as the chairman of National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM).

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What is the Theme for International Children’s Book Day 2020 which was celebrated on April 2 (annually)?

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Name the Indian Ministry which has launched the web portal named ‘YUKTI’ to record and monitor the effectiveness and initiatives of the ministry.

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Which Department has launched 1st of its kind iGOT portal in DIKSHA platform of Ministry of Human Resource and Development?

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Name the 1st English player since 2005 to be named as Wisden’s leading male cricketer of the world 2020.

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Name the company which has won the Edison Award 2020 for its campaign named ‘Club Enerji #Switchoff2SwitchOn’.

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Which Organisation/Institute along with Wipro 3D to create full face shield for healthcare personnel treating coronavirus patients?

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Name the Central government’s 1st comprehensive COVID-19 tracking app.

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Which Indian ministry has designated DigiLocker as the sole National Academic Depository (NAD).

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Name the 1st Indian state which is going to measure Gross Environment Product (GEP)?

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Name the initiative which was launched by Human Resource and Development Ministry along with AICTE for students to fight covid-19.

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Name the Mobile company which has acquired the weather app named Dark Sky.

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Name the small finance bank which launched digital banking platform named ‘DigiGen’

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With which company National Health Authority (NHA) has partnered to provide transport services to frontline health workers?

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With which smartphone company Google ties up to create coronavirus contact tracing technology using Bluetooth signals?

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RBI has approved re-appointment of Sanjay Agarwal as MD&CEO of AU small finance bank (HQ-Jaipur). Who has been appointed as part-time chairman of the bank?

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By which year NASA has planned to set up ‘Artemis’ the first human base camp in South pole of moon?

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Name the 1st Indian city which announced face mask is mandatory in public places.

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Name the Country which has become world leader in International patent fillings at WIPO’s Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).

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What is the amount that was granted as loan by Asian Development Bank (ADB) to Aavas financiers to improve women’s access to housing in India?

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When was International Transgender Day of Visibility was observed annually?

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Arjun Dev who passed away in March 2020 is _________.

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Which Private sector bank of India has launched Banking service in WhatsApp (March 2020)?

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The theme for International Day of Mathematics (IDM) 2020 is ‘Mathematics is Everywhere’. When was IDM celebrated annually (1st instance started in 2020)?

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Name the person who heads the advisory committee which recommends increasing the WMA limit by 30% from the current limit for all states & UTs for 1st half of FY21?

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Philip Warren Anderson who passed away in April 2020 is the Nobel laureate in which field?

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Name the person who has been conferred with Hero to Animal award given by PETA.

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As per study of which world organisation, only 1/4th of Indians pay for news, but 2/3rd willing to pay?

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Jim Corbett National park has become India’s 1st Quarantine centre for animals. Where does Jim Corbett National park located?

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Name the Country which Host FIFA U17 women’s World cup in 2020 (postponed).

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“One Cop One Gangster” was launched in Which State?

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Name the Indian state which topped all-India level for micro-irrigation (MI), under Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana (PMKSY) for FY20 (2019-20).

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Name the Indian former RBI governor who has been part of IMF’s 12-member External Advisory Group.

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What is the amount that was offered by World Bank to India for the proposed COVID-19 emergency response & health systems preparedness project?

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Name the Indian cricketer who has been appointed as the brand ambassador of PokerStars India.

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With which Public Sector Bank, the government telecom operator BSNL has partnered to launch Bharat InstaPay, UPI-based payment platform.

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Name the 1st Indian state which gets ICMR approval to conduct clinical-trial of plasma therapy treatment (for SCTIMST) for COVID-19.

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Under which Article of Indian constitution the Consolidated fund of India is constituted?

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Name the country which host the 3rd edition of Asian youth games in 2021.

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How many people working in informal sector in India have risk of falling into poverty as per International Labour Organization (ILO) report?

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Name the person who headed the team which developed corona virus testing kit called ‘Mylab PathoDetect COVID-19 Qualitative PCR kit’.

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What is the annual global share of production of Hydroxychloroquine by India as per Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance (IPA)?

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The Indian Council of Medical Research has approved to use diagnostic machine of which Disease to coronavirus (on April 10, 2020)?

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Name the University which has launched world’s 1st COVID-19 Government Response tracker.

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