Are rabbits deaf?

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Are rabbits deaf?

Are rabbits deaf?

Rabbits can hear high-pitched noises well, while humans can hear deep, low sounds better. Rabbits have a hearing range of 96 to 49,000 Hz (humans can hear lower-pitched noises, but rabbits can hear much higher-pitched noises). They are most sensitive to sounds with a frequency of 1,000-16,000Hz.

Do rabbits eat their poop?

In other words, they consume their own faeces and digest it twice. Bunnies produce two types of droppings: little black spherical ones and softer black ones called cecotropes, which are consumed. This is known as coprophagy, and it works in the same way as cows chew their cud.

Can rabbits talk?

Rabbits do not bark, meow, or talk. They do, in fact, communicate. They communicate in their own language. A language that we humans must master in order to effectively communicate with them – or, at the very least, to comprehend their behaviour.

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