Basic Banking Awareness 100 MCQs

by Mr. DJ

If you ally craving such a referred banking awareness mcq book that will have the … Basic/Banking awareness is a part 100 random MCQs
31.Which of these is not a new private sector bank?

[B] Axis Bank
[C] Lakshmi Vilas Bank
[D] Kotak Mahindra Bank


Correct Answer: C [Lakshmi Vilas Bank]

Lakshmi Vilas Bank was founded in 1926 by a group of seven businessmen of Karur under the leadership of Shri V.S.N. Ramalinga Chettiar. All the other options are new private sector banks.

32.Which country Bank Pasargad belongs to?

[A] Iran
[B] Germany
[C] Russia
[D] Sweden


Correct Answer: A [Iran]

Bank Pasargad is also known as BPI, is a major Iranian private bank. It has its branches in India as well and registered with RBI as a foreign bank.

33.How many foreign banks are there in India at present?

[A] 42
[B] 43
[C] 44
[D] 45


Correct Answer: D [45]

There are 45 foreign banks in India as of November 2018. There are a total of 286 branches operating in India by the foreign banks.

34.Which is correct about PSL targets for Foreign banks in India?

[A] It is not applicable on foreign banks
[B] It is applicable on foreign banks having 50 or more branches
[C] It is applicable on foreign banks having 20 or more branches
[D] It is applicable on all foreign banks


Correct Answer: C [It is applicable on foreign banks having 20 or more branches]

The targets under Priority sector Lending are applicable to all the Domestic scheduled commercial banks (excluding Regional Rural Banks and Small Finance Banks) and Foreign banks with 20 branches and above.

35.Which of these is a Cooperative Bank in India?

[A] Cosmos Bank
[B] SVC Bank
[C] Janata Sahakari Bank
[D] All of the above


Correct Answer: D [All of the above]

All the options are cooperative banks located in various parts of the country. All of them are Multi-state Cooperative Banks of India.

36.Which is the largest cooperative bank of India presently?

[A] Saraswat Bank
[B] NKGSB Cooperative Bank
[C] Apna Sahakari Bank Ltd
[D] None of the above


Correct Answer: A [Saraswat Bank]

Saraswat Cooperative Banking Society was founded on September 14, 1918. Saraswat Bank is the Topmost Cooperative Bank in India. It got a banking license in 1933 and took a new name, Saraswat Cooperative Bank Ltd.

37.In which year the Regional Rural Banks Act was passed?

[A] 1986
[B] 1976
[C] 1992
[D] 1988


Correct Answer: B [1976]

Regional Rural Banks Act was passed in 1976 which aimed to set up RRBs to provide sufficient banking and credit facility for agriculture and other rural sectors.

38.When was Krishna Bhima Samruddhi Local Area Bank Ltd established?

[A] 2000
[B] 2001
[C] 2002
[D] 2004


Correct Answer: B [2001]

Krishna Bhima Samruddhi Local Area Bank Ltd was established on 28th February 2001 with an area of operation comprising three contiguous districts of Mahbubnagar in Andhra Pradesh and Raichur and Gulbarga in the state of Karnataka.

39.Which was the first small finance bank in India?

[A] Capital Small Finance Bank Limited
[B] Jana Small Finance Bank
[C] Ujjivan Financial Services Pvt Ltd
[D] AU Small Finance Bank


Correct Answer: A [Capital Small Finance Bank Limited]

Capital Small Finance Bank Limited commenced operations as India’s 1st Small Finance Bank on April 24, 2016 after conversion from Capital Local Area Bank.

40.Which of these cannot be issued by a Payment bank?

[A] ATM card
[B] Debit card
[C] Credit card
[D] All of the above


Correct Answer: C [Credit card]

Payment banks can issue ATM/debit cards but not credit cards. Also, they can issue other prepaid payment instruments.

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