( Best 200+ ) Basics of Economics MCQ

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Basics of Economics MCQ

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Basics of Economics MCQ

Basics of Economics MCQ

151. According to Keynes, unemployment is due to:

A. deficiency of capital

B. deficiency of labour

C. deficiency of education

D. deficiency in effective demand

A. keynes

B. adam smith

C. karl marx

D. david ricardo

153. According to Keynes, investment is a function of:

A. rate of interest

B. rate of profit

C. rate of mei

D. mei and rate of interest

154. Keynes believed in :

A. full employment equilibrium

B. under employment equilibrium

C. both

D. none

155. According to Keynes, wages and prices are:

A. rigid

B. flexible

C. variable

D. automatic

156. In Economics, 1930s is popularly known as the period of:

A. great battle

B. great depression

C. industrial revolution

D. great devide

157. Keynes strongly argued for:

A. free trade

B. non-intervention of government

C. laissez-faire

D. governmental intervention

158. Consumption expenditure directly varies with:

A. savings

B. investment

C. disposable income

D. rate of interest

159. An important issue of macro economics is the determination of:

A. consumption

B. production

C. utility

D. income and employment

160. Pick the odd one:

A. aggregate demand

B. effective demand

C. j.m. keynes

D. law of market

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