( Best 500+ ) Behavioural and Allied Sciences MCQ

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Behavioural and Allied Sciences MCQ

Behavioural and Allied Sciences MCQ

Behavioural and Allied Sciences MCQ

191. The best measure of job satisfaction is:

  1. the job involvement scale.
  2. the commitment scale.
  3. the summation of job facets.
  4. a one-question global rating.


Correct answer: (D) a one-question global rating.

192. The ______________ component is the emotional or feeling segment of an attitude.

  1. affective.
  2. cognitive.
  3. behavioral.
  4. evaluative.


Correct answer: (A) affective.

193. If an employee’s attitude is negative toward her job, she does not have:

  1. organizational commitment.
  2. values.
  3. job satisfaction.
  4. job involvement.


Correct answer: (C) job satisfaction.

194. Rokeach found that the instrumental value of ambitious (hardworking and aspiring) people was related to the terminal value of:

  1. a comfortable life.
  2. freedom.
  3. happiness.
  4. self-respect.


Correct answer: (A) a comfortable life.

195. The degree to which a person identifies with his or her job, actively participates in it, and considers his or her performance important to self-worth is:

  1. job satisfaction.
  2. job involvement.
  3. job stability.
  4. organizational commitment.


Correct answer: (B) job involvement.

196. When we rank an individual’s values in terms of his/her ______________, we obtain the person’s value system.

  1. intensity.
  2. content.
  3. context.
  4. social acceptance.


Correct answer: (A) intensity.

197. Which one of the following is not an attitude?

  1. job productivity.
  2. job satisfaction.
  3. job involvement.
  4. organizational commitment.


Correct answer: (A) job productivity.

198. Independent studies conducted among U.S. workers over the past 30 years generally indicate that:

  1. workers are satisfied with their jobs.
  2. these results are generally applicable to other developed countries.
  3. more people report that they are satisfied than not.
  4. all of the above.


Correct answer: (D) all of the above.

199. According to Rokeach, ______________ values refer to desirable end-states of existence.

  1. instrumental.
  2. aesthetic.
  3. theoretical.
  4. terminal.


Correct answer: (D) terminal.

200. Job satisfaction is best described as:

  1. behavior.
  2. a value.
  3. an attitude.
  4. causing high performance.


Correct answer: (C) an attitude.

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