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by Mr. DJ

STEPN is a move-to-earn Web3 lifestyle application that uses incentives to encourage users to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Players that have NFT footwear may make money outside by jogging, walking, or running. The in-app store and Magic Eden’s marketplace both sell NFT shoes.

Over 900,000 active STEPN users were drawn by the mix of health and financial factors. Many of these users have recently had problems using the STEPN programme, including difficulties updating or logging in, application crashes, and difficulties ending runs. You will discover a solution to the “fix STEPN App not functioning” problem in this post.

STEPN Activation Code Generator

STEPN Activation Code Generator

STEPN Activation Code Generator form is exclusive to influencers and opinion leaders. Activation Code Generator is a link we provided containing a certain number of Activation Code for STEPN app.

Your followers can get codes from the link until you run out of codes. You can apply as many as 100 Activation Codes based on their community members/followers/subscribers etc.

STEPN Activation Code Generator Form:

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App Information

  • Title – STEPN
  • Publisher – A Web3 running app.
  • Download
  • Website:-

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