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Business communication is the process of sharing information between people within and outside a company. Effective business communication is how employees and management interact to reach organizational goals. Its purpose is to improve organizational practices and reduce errors. This Business Communication-I MCQ help you to understand topic. Join Our Telegram Channel For more updates.

1. Feedback involves:
a.       Telling the speaker what you think of him/her
b.      Finishing what you have to say, before listening to what the other person has in mind
c.       Checking with the speaker if you understood correctly what was said.

Answer:- c.       Checking with the speaker if you understood correctly what was said.

2. “Communication path is circuitous”. In this context, the word circuitous means:
a.      Begins and ends of the sender
b.      Circumstantial demand
c.       Message and import of message

Answer:- a.      Begins and ends of the sender

3. In effective communication, the encoder becomes a decoder when there is
a.       Noise
b.      Audience
c.       Feedback
d.      Channel

Answer:- c.       Feedback

4. Identify the correct sequence of the following:
a.       Source, Channel, Message, Receiver
b.      Source, Receiver, Channel, Message
c.       Source, Message, Receiver, Channel
d.      Source, Message, Channel, Receiver

Answer:- d.      Source, Message, Channel, Receiver

5. Listening is badly affected by
a.       Message overload excess of listened material
b.      High speed of speaking
c.       A sizable hearing loss physiological problem
d.      All of the above

Answer:- d.      All of the above

6. Who cannot write a business letter to you?
a.       Restaurant
b.      Shopping mall
c.        Friend
d.      Sports team

Answer:- c.        Friend

7. Prior to giving a response, the receiver decodes the perceived message and then frames the response, which is also termed as
a.    Strategic reply
b.   Feedback
c.    Endorsement

Answer:- b.   Feedback

8. Interaction with peers or colleagues is referred to as
a.       Vertical communication
b.      Diagonal communication
c.       horizontal / lateral communication

Answer:- c.       horizontal / lateral communication

9. The essence of any speech is
a.      Content
b.      Choice of words
c.       Style

Answer:- a.      Content

10. Biased listening is a result of
a.   Prejudices
b.   Semantic problems
c.    Arguments

Answer:- a.   Prejudices

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