( Best 225+ ) Business Statistics MCQ

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Business Statistics MCQ

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Business Statistics MCQ

Business Statistics MCQ

211. Secular trend can be measured by:

A. Two methods

B. Three methods

C. Four methods

D. Five methods

212. Fishers price index number is the ——-

A. A.M. of Lasperys and Paasches.

B. G.M. of Lasperys and Paasches.

C. Difference between Lasperys and Paasches

D. None of the above.

213. Relative Method is further divided into how many types?

A. One

B. two

C. None of the above

D. All of the Above.

214. In Price Index Numbers prices can either be ?

A. Retail

B. wholesale

C. Both I and II

D. None of the above.

215. While computing a weighted index, the current period quantities are used in the:

A. Laspeyre’s method

B. Paasche’s method

C. Marshall Edgeworth method

D. Fisher’s ideal method

216. ………….is a point of reference in comparing various data describing individual behaviour.

A. Sample

B. Base period

C. Estimation

D. None

217. Wheat crops badly damaged on account of rains is:

A. Cyclical movement

B. Random movement

C. Secular trend

D. Seasonal movement

218. A complete business cycle consists of a period of:

A. Prosperity

B. Recession

C. Both prosperity and recession

D. none of the above

219. Which of the following can’t be a component for a time series plot?

A. Seasonality

B. Trend

C. Cyclical

D. Noise

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