( Best 100+ ) Cash Flow Statement MCQ

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Cash Flow Statement MCQ

cash flow statement is based upon mcq | mcq on cash flow statement class 12 | which of the following is not true about cash flow statement | the operating profit as per cash flow method mcq | cash from operating activities consists of mcq | statement of cash flows includes which activities | objective of cash flow statement are | statement of cash flow includes | cash flow statement MCQ
Cash Flow Statement MCQ

Cash Flow Statement MCQ

41. Which of the following item is not considered as Cash Equivalents?
(A) Short term Deposits in Bank
(B) Commercial Papers
(C) Treasury Bills
(D) Investment

Answer: D

42. Which of the following item is considered as Cash Equivalents?
(A) Marketable Securities
(B) Debtors
(C) Investment
(D) Bills of Exchange

Answer: A

43. Which of the following is considered as Cash Equivalents?
(A) Bank deposits for 2 months
(B) Commercial Papers
(C) Treasury Bills
(D) All of the above

Answer: D

44. Cash deposit with the bank with a maturity date after two months belongs to which of the following in the cash flow statement: (C.B.S.E. Sample Paper, 2015)
(A) Investing activities
(B) Financing activities
(C) Cash and Cash equivalent
(D) Operating activities

Answer: C


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