( Best 125+ ) Co-operative Theory and Practice MCQ-2

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Co-operative Theory and Practice MCQ-2

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Co-operative Theory and Practice MCQ

Co-operative Theory and Practice MCQ-2

51. . The first marketing cooperative was organized at Hubli in the former Bombay
province in ………….

A. 1905

B. 1910

C. 1915

D. 1920

52. . The National Cooperative Consumers’ Federation was established during the

A. first five year

B. second five year

C. third five year

D. fourth five year

53. . DCCWSs stands for

A. district consumer cooperative wholesale stores

B. district credit cooperative workers

C. district consumer credit workers

D. district consumer credit wholesalers

54. . NCHF stands for

A. national cooperative housing federation of india

B. national credit housing federation

C. national consumer housing federation

D. national cooperative housing finance

55. . The Urban cooperative banks, salary earners’ societies, thrift and credit societies
are examples of

A. agricultural credit societies

B. non-agricultural credit societies

C. both (a) and (b)

D. none of the above

56. . The …………………..implemented the “Operation Flood Programme”.

A. nddb

B. ncdc

C. nchf

D. hdfc

57. . LAMPS, TDCCFs, BISCOLAMF, TRIFED are cooperatives working for the
upliftment of ………….

A. scheduled castes

B. scheduled tribes

C. rural areas

D. urban areas

58. . The Jute industry is one of the major industries in ……………

A. gujarat

B. tamil nadu

C. west bengal

D. haryana

59. . The first Diary Cooperative Society was registered in 1913 at …………..

A. anand in gujarat

B. allahabad in up

C. aurangabad in maharashtra

D. ahmedabad in gujarat.

60. The first Diary Cooperative Society was registered in 1913 at Allahabad in UP
was called……………..

A. katra cooperative dairy society

B. kaira district cooperative milk producers union

C. district cooperative milk society

D. allahabad cooperative dairy society

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