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Father of Various Important Subjects

Fathers of Important Subjects

List of Father of All Subjects (various fields) || Complete List - Education Gyan

Competitive exams often have questions about significant persons known for being the fathers, mothers, or founders of a particular field or invention in the GK section. Students should know the important ones so that they maximize their chances of scoring in GK.

Read our list of Famous Fathers of the world and in India to score those additional marks.

Here is the complete list of Father of Various streams. This is not the complete list but we have try to Provide maximum names and fields

Father of History : Herodotus

Father of Mathematics : Archimedes

Father of Economics : Adam Smith

Father of Botany : Theophrastus

Father of C language : Dennis Ritchie

Father of Geometry : Euclid

Father of Biology : Aristotle

Father of Blood groups : Landsteiner

Father of Ayurveda : Charaka

Father of Electronics : Ray Tomlinson

Father of Medicine : Hippocrates

Father of Physics : Albert Einstein

Father of Robotics : Nikola Tesla

Father of Homeopathy : Samuel Hahnemann

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Father of Internet : Vinton Cerf

Father of Law : Cicero

Father of Algebra : Diophantus

Father of Architecture : Imhotep

Father of Genetics : Gregor Johann Mendel

Father of Electricity : Benjamin Franklin

Father of Microbiology : Louis Pasteur

Father of Modern Chemistry : Antoine Lavoisier

Father of Trigonometry :Hipparchus

Father of Nanotechnology : Richard Smalley

Father of Periodic table : Dmitri Mendeleev

Father of Search engine : Alan Emtage

Father of the American Constitution : James Madison

Father of the Green Revolution in India : M.S Swaminathan

Father of Statistics : Ronald Fisher

Father of Surgery (early) : Sushruta

Father of Taxonomy : Carolus Linnaeus

Father of Robotics :; Al-Jazari

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Father of Video game : Thomas T. Goldsmith, Jr.

Father of World Wide Web : Tim Berners-Lee

Father of Zoology : Aristotle

Father of the Green Revolution : Norman Ernest Borlaug

Father of the Indian Constitution : Dr. B.R. Ambedkar



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