Geography of India 500 One Liner Questions And Answers

by Mr. DJ

Geography of India 500 One Liner Questions And Answers

176.The Forest Festival is related to- Plantation

177.Flood events in North India recently increased – increase in deforestation in runoff area

178.For the protection of coral reefs, the Government of India has declared a marine park – the Gulf of Kutch

179.Name of which hill station means thunderclap site- Darjeeling

180.Apatni is the main tribal group of – Arunachal Pradesh

181.What is the name of the research center established by the Government of India to conduct research in the Antarctic – Southern Gangotri

182.Where is the National Botanical Research Institute – Lucknow

183.Serious environment of Maldives is considered to be due to the undercurrent of – High population density

184.Another name for the eastern coastal plain is- the Coromandel Coastal Plain.

185.On which longitude is the Indian Standard Time adopted – 82.50 E longitude

186.What is the southern end of India called- Indira Point

187.India is the largest country in the world in terms of area- Seventh

188.Indian subcontinent was originally a part of Gondwanaland.

189.Which countries are connected with Palk Strait – India and Srilanka

190.Which country shares India’s international border the least – Afghanistan

191.Which are the largest Union Territories of India – Andaman and Nicobar Islands

192.How many states of India share the border with Nepal – 5

193.Which city is also known as the zero mile center of India – Nagpur

194.Which state of India has the longest coastline – Gujarat

195.Where are the Lakshadweep Islands – Arabian Sea

196.Andaman Islands and Nicobar Islands are separated by – Ten Degree Channel

197.West Bengal borders with how many countries – three

198.Coast of Kerala – Malabar Coast

199.India’s largest tunnel Jawahar Tunnel is in which state – Jammu Kashmir

200.Which Indian state has the shortest border – Goa

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