How to Contact STEPN?

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STEPN is a move-to-earn Web3 lifestyle application that uses incentives to encourage users to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Players that have NFT footwear may make money outside by jogging, walking, or running. The in-app store and Magic Eden’s marketplace both sell NFT shoes.

Over 900,000 active STEPN users were drawn by the mix of health and financial factors. Many of these users have recently had problems using the STEPN programme, including difficulties updating or logging in, application crashes, and difficulties ending runs. You will discover a solution to the “fix STEPN App not functioning” problem in this post.

How to Contact STEPN?

How Can I contact STEPN?

You can get in touch with STEPN quickly if you’re having problems when using the game in the STEPN app, haven’t received Solana in your wallet, can’t get your tokens out of STEPN, or have any other problems.

You may get in touch with STEPN in a variety of ways, including via its contact page, Twitter account, Discord server, and email address.

Contact Through Contact Us Form

By visiting the STEPN Contact Us page, you may reach the STEPN staff directly. Your first and last names, email address, and message (explain your concern) must be included.

Enter the email address you used to register for the STEPN app. Afterward, choose Submit.

Wait a few days for the STEPN team to respond.

Contact STEPN Through Twitter

You may immediately state your problem in a tweet on twitter while mentioning the @STEPN account. Soon, you’ll get a response to your tweet.

If you don’t want to disclose your problem in public, you may also send a direct message on Twitter.

Contact STEPN Through Email Address

By clearly detailing your problem, you may send an email to the STEPN official email address, [email protected].

Contact STEPN Through Discord

STEPN have community of more than 49000 members on Discord. So, first join Discord community.

You can mention your issue / problem in discord and also explore your problem solution if already mentioned in the Discord server.

Contact STEPN Through Reddit

STEPN already has a community on Reddit with more than 28000 users. You may already discover the answer to your issue. Simply read the Reddit thread.

If a solution cannot be discovered, publish your problem or mistake and the Reddit staff or other community members will provide solutions.

Read Other Information About The STEPN

App Information

  • Title – STEPN
  • Publisher – A Web3 running app.
  • Download
  • Website:-


You can contact STEPN team by either of way as mentioned below:


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