How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Signal

by Mr. DJ

It provides you with the ability to block a person, much as other platforms. When you are blocked by someone, the app does not directly notify you of it. Simply said, the app doesn’t notify you when someone adds you to their block list or let you know if you’ve been blocked by someone.

The fact that the person you sent information with when you were banned on Signal will not get it is another crucial point to remember. Furthermore, even if they subsequently unlock you, there is no method for you to provide this information again.

How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Signal

How To Know If Someone Blocked Your Number On Signal App:

1. Use Other Signal Account

One easy trick to know if someone has blocked you on Signal is by creating another account and sending them from a new ID. If the message you had sent from your original account gets only one tick, while the message you sent from the fake account gets double-tick, it implies that the user has blocked your first account.

You can log out of your Signal account and register on the platform with another username or you can uninstall the app altogether and sign up on the platform with a new number. Tap the pencil button to get a list of the contacts and people on your contact list. Open the chat of the target and drop a message. If the message gets the double click, it means the message is sent to the user and they have blocked your other account.

2. The DP is not visible:

You won’t get a notice if someone blocks your number on the Signal app, nor will you be informed that any of your contacts have banned your account. The visibility of their display image is one method to infer that your number has been banned, even if you have not received any information to that effect (DP). The signal app will prohibit you from accessing someone’s DP if they have blocked you.

One of the signs that you have been blocked is that the DP is not visible. However, this may only be considered if the individual has added a DP to their account.

3. Your messages are not sent:

A double check mark that is filled out means the receiver has read your message. If you do not see this, your number has already been blocked; nevertheless, this should only be done when the read recipient is turned on.

4. Observe Their Profile

As was already noted, there is no easy method to tell whether someone has blocked you on Signal. In order to determine if you are banned or not, you must monitor their DP, messages, and activity status. Be aware that receiving one tick next to a message you sent to a person doesn’t necessarily imply you’ve been banned; rather, it means you can no longer see the user’s DP or status. On the other hand, these things can easily happen as a result of a faulty internet connection and other problems.


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