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Jahangir Wife List


Original Name: Mirza Nur-ud-din Beig Mohammad Khan Salim

Birth: 31 August 1569

Place of Birth: Fatehpur Sikri, Mughal Empire

Coronation: 24 November 1605

Reign: 3 November 1605 – 28 October 1627

Death: 28 October 1627

Place of Death: Rajauri, Kashmir, Mughal Empire

Father: Akbar the Great

Mother: Mariam-uz-Zamani

Consort: Nur Jahan

Predecessor: Akbar

Successor: Shahryar Mirza, Shah Jahan

Wives: Nur Jahan, Shah Begum, Jagat Gosain, Sahib Jamal, Malika Jahan, Nur-un-Nisa Begum, Khas Mahal, Karamsi, Saliha Banu Begum

Children: Khusrau Mirza, Parviz Mirza, Khurram Mirza, Shahryar Mirza, Jahandar Mirza, Sultan-un-Nissa Begum, Daulat-un-Nissa Begum, Bahar Banu Begum, Begum Sultan Begum, Iffat Banu Begum

Jahangir was the fourth Mughal emperor and one of the most prominent rulers of the great empire. He ruled from 1605 until his death in 1627. He had a bitter relationship with his father and tried to revolt against Akbar several times, but the father and son later reconciled. Apart from his military campaigns, Jahangir also gave importance to arts, especially painting. Jehangir’s relationship with the Mughal courtesan, Anarkali, has been the subject of several films and literature pieces. He also ordered the execution of the fifth Sikh Guru, Guru Arjan Dev. By 1627, Jahangir’s health had deteriorated, and he died on October 28, 1627. His mausoleum, Tomb of Jahangir, located at Shahdara, is a major tourist attraction in present-day Lahore.

Jahangir Wife List

The list of Jehangir’s 26 wives. Jahangir Wife List

Rajkumari Man Bai – daughter of Bhagwan Das – mother of Khusrau and Sultan al nissa   Feb 13th 1585. She was given title Shah Begum(kings wife). She gave birth to Jehangir’s eldest daughter Sultan al Nisa Banu and son Khusrau Mirza

Rajkumari Ratan Bai   daughter of Dhameri raja Basu on 28th May 1586. The dowry was 2.5 lakh silver coins

Rajkumari Jodha Bai (later named Jagat Gosain after accepting diksha in Jainism with Jehangir) daughter of Mota Raja  Udai Singh of Marwar and mother of Khurram aka Shah Jahan 1586 on 11th January 1586

A Daughter of Bikaner Raja Rai Singh on 7th July 1586

Malika Shikar Begum daughter of Sultan Abu Khan Jagatai, Sultan of Kashghar in July 1586

Sahib Jamal daughter of Khwaja Hassan  of Herat a cousin of zain Kahn Koka (A favourite of Jehangir and mother of second son Parvez) in 1586. She was a commoner and Akbar was not in favour of this marriage.

Malika e Jahan Begum daughter of Maharaj Bhim Singh of Jaisalmer  – mother of Jahandar in 1587

Daughter of Raja Mal Bhais 1588

Zora Begum daughter of a Mughal nobel Mirza Sanjar Hazara in October 1590

Rajkumari Karmasi daughter of Raja Rao Keshav Rathore of Merta mother of Bahar Bano Begum(Favourite daughter of Jehangir) in 1591

A daughter of Dost Muhammad Khwaja

Rajkumari Kanwal Rani daughter of Ali Sher Khan and wife Gul Khatun on January 11th 1592

A daughter of Rawal Bhim brother of Raja Rai Kalyan Mal of Jaisalmer

Daughter of Syed  Mubbarak Khan of Kashmir in 1593

A daughter of Hussain Chak of Kashmir

Nur Unnisa Begum daughter of  Ibrahim Hussain Mirza by Gulrukh Begum(Daughter of Kamran Mirza, younger brother of Humayun and son of Babar)  and  sister of Muzaffar Hussain in March 1593

Daughter of Kandesh King Raja Faruqi in September 1593

Daughter of Abdullah Khan of Balochistan

Khas Mahal a daughter of Zain Khan Koka Subadar of lahore (A neice of Sahib Jamal) on June 28th 1596

Daughter of Thakur Man Chand

Sahila Banu daughter of Qasim Khan of Mughal lineage 1608. she was Padshah Begum till her death in 1620

Koka Kumari Sahiba a daughter of Jagat Singh of Amer (Man Singh grand daughter and a widow) June 17th 1608. Jehangir gave 80,000 Rs as marriage dowry to her father Jagath Singh. Koka Kumari was a widow. She was grand daughter of Man Singh.

A daughter of Ram Chandra Bundela a Orchha King in 1609

A daughter of Madhukar Deo Bundela Orchha King(chieftain)

 Meherunissa aka Nur Jahan daughter of Itamdaullah  25th May 1611 (widow of Sher Afghan)

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