( Best 700+ )Medieval History One liner Question And Answer

by Mr. DJ

381 .Which Chola King successfully led expedition to the north to captureterritories up to river Ganges ?

Answer:- Rajendra Chola I


382 .During the medieval India, from which community was a tax called‘Tattan Pattnam’ levied?

Answer:- Goldsmith


383 .Who of the following was a descendent of both Timur Lang and GenghisKhan ?

Answer:- Babur


384 .The member of Shivaji’s Ashta Pradhan who was responsible for lookingafter foreign affairs was known as:

Answer:- Sumant


385 .The Mir Bakshi of Mughal ruler was the head of:

Answer:- Armyorganization



386 .Which Sikh Guru was killed by Aurangzeb:

Answer:- Guru Teg Bahadur


387 .In which empire was the empire divided into 400 provinces for the easeof provincial administration?

Answer:- Vijayanagar Empire


388 .Between whom was the Battle of Waihind fought in 1008-09?

Answer:- Mahmud Ghazni and Anandpala


389 .The first Muslim king who invaded South India was

Answer:- AlauddinKhilji


390 .Who was the founder of the Vijayanagar kingdom?

Answer:- Hariharaand Bukka


391 .The King who did not allow anybody to laugh in his courtwas

Answer:- Balban


392 .Who received firman from the Mughal court for conducting trade in1618?

Answer:- Sir Thomas Roe


393 .Who was the greatest ruler of the Chalukya dynasty?

Answer:- PulakesinII


394 .During the Mughal period, who was the head of the Military Departmentafter receiving validation from the central administrativemachinery?

Answer:- Mir Bakshi


395 .Which religion was patronized by the Chola rulers?

Answer:- Shaivareligion


396 .Where are the famous caves of Khajuraho situated?

Answer:- MadhyaPradesh


397 .In which year did Mohammad-bin-Qasim conquer Sindh?

Answer:- 712 A.D.


398 .Who was the Hindu ruler of the 18th century who had conducted twoAsvamedha Yajnas?

Answer:- Peshwa Bajirao I


399 .Which trusted general was appointed by Mohammad Ghori to look afterthe conquered territories in India after hisdeparture?

Answer:- Qutb-ud-din Aibak


400 .Who was ‘Muhatsib’ in Mughal administration?

Answer:- Public ConductOfficer

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