Modern History One Liner Questions And Answers

by Mr. DJ

This Modern History One Liner Question Answer in English Important Roll For Exams. Questions Of Indian Modern History in One Liner Are….

461 .Who was the viceroy when Delhi became the capital of British India?

Answer:-Lord Hardinge



462 .The prison in which Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, Bhai Parmanand and Ashutosh Lahiri spent their life in incarceration was:

Answer:-Cellular Jail



463 .Who among industrialists remained the treasurer of the A.I.C.C till long and even went to jail?

Answer:-Jamnalal Bajaj



464 .Clement Attlee’s announcement proclaimed in the Parliament

Answer:-British decision to quit India



465 .The Lahore session of the Indian National Congress was held in:



466 .By which name was Dadabhai Naoroji commonly known?

Answer:-Grand Old Man of India



467 .Who said: “Nehru is a patriot, whereas Jinnah is a politician”?

Answer:-Maulana Abul Kalam Azad



468 .Which Governor General called himself as the Bengal Tiger?

Answer:-Lord Wellesley



469 .The Indian Councils Act of 1909 made provisions for:

Answer:-Communal representation



470 .Gandhi’s concept of Trusteeship:

Answer:-Transforms the capitalistic society into an egalitarian one



471 .Who was the first Muslim president of Indian National Congress?

Answer:-Badruddin Tayabji



472 .Against which measure was the Dandi March held by Gandhiji in1930?

Answer:-Taxation on salt



473 .Which was the most important act to announce that the sovereignty of the British empire in India lied with the British monarch?

Answer:-Company Charter Act, 1853



474 .Who, among the Indian leaders, travelled across India for social regeneration?

Answer:-Tilak and Gandhi



475 .Who is known as the ‘Indian Nightingale’?

Answer:-Sarojini Naidu



476 .For the determination of number of allocated members in the Indian Legislative Council by each state under the Cabinet Mission Plan, in terms of population a representative was proportional to:

Answer:-10 lakh persons



477 .Saheed-i-Azam Bhagat Singh Rajguru and Sukhdev were executed by theBritish Government on 23 March, 1931. In which case they were implicated ?

Answer:-Lahore Conspiracy



478 .Among the British, who accepted that the Revolt of 1857 was a national revolt?




479 .Who cooperated with Mahatma Gandhi in his Champaran Satyagraha?

Answer:-Rajendra Prasad and Anugrah Narayan Sinha



480 .The correct chronological order of the events is:

Answer:-Cripps Plan Wavell Plan Cabinet Mission Plan Mountbatten Plan

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