October MCQs Current Affairs – 2020

Best 200+ Current Affairs MCQ’s October 2020 PDF: 200+ Current Affairs Oct 2020: October Month Best MCQs Current Affairs

  1. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) approved the appointment of Committee of Directors (CoD) to run which bank?
  • [A] Yes Bank
  • [B] Dhanlaxmi Bank
  • [C] PMC Bank
  • [D] Lakshmi Vilas Bank
  1. What is the name of the nuclear capable hypersonic missile that was test-fired from Odisha test range?
  • [A] Veer
  • [B] Shaurya
  • [C] Agni VII
  • [D] Tejas
  1. Singapore based GIC and TPG Capital have acquired stake in which Indian company?
  • [A] Byju’s
  • [B] Reliance Retail
  • [C] Shoppers Stop
  • [D] Future Retail
  1. ‘World Day for Farmed Animals’ is celebrated on the birth anniversary of which leader?
  • [A] Mahatma Gandhi
  • [B] Martin Luther King
  • [C] Abraham Lincoln
  • [D] Dalai Lama
  1. Which Union Ministry organised “Charkhe pe Charcha” webinar, to commemorate the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi?
  • [A] Ministry of Law and Communication
  • [B] Ministry of Culture
  • [C] Ministry of Tourism
  • [D] Ministry of External Affairs
  1. Which organization initiated live trading and other operations successfully from its Disaster Recovery Site?
  • [A] State Bank of India
  • [B] National Stock Exchange
  • [C] Bombay Stock Exchange
  • [D] SEBI
  1. Which car manufacturer has announced to withdraw from Formula One?
  • [A] Ferrari
  • [B] Mercedes
  • [C] BMW
  • [D] Honda
  1. The European Union has recently imposed sanctions against which country?
  • [A] Iran
  • [B] Azerbaijan
  • [C] Iraq
  • [D] Belarus
  1. Which famous building was illuminated with Mahatma Gandhi’s image along with his message?
  • [A] The Eiffel Tower
  • [B] The Burj Khalifa
  • [C] The Berlin Cathedral
  • [D] The Sydney Opera House
  1. Which country hosted the historic fourth World Conference on Women?

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