[ Best ] Prehistoric India MCQs

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Prehistoric India MCQs

Multiple Choice Questions and Answers with explanation on Prehistoric India for SSC, PCS, UPSC, IAS,NEET, CBSE /UGC NET, Class IX, X, XI and XII Students. You Can read our story notes on prehistoric India.

Prehistoric India MCQs

  1. The credit of the discovery of the first Palaeolith in India which opened the field of prehistoric studies in the country goes to
    [A] Burkitt
    [B] De Terra and Paterson
    [C] Robert Bruce Foote
    [D] H D Sankalia
  2. From which of the following regions, the remains of Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic cultures have been found in a sequence?
    [A] Kashmir valley
    [B] Krishna valley
    [C] Belan valley
    [D] Godavari valley
  3. In which Indian state, Inamgaon is located?
    [A] Maharashtra
    [B] Gujarat
    [C] Madhya Pradesh
    [D] Andhra Pradesh
  4. A Homo erectus skull was found at one of the following sites
    [A] Hathnora in Narmada valley
    [B] Hoshangabad in Narmada valley
    [C] Baghor in Son valley
    [D] Bansghat in Belan valley
  5. The earliest evidence of agriculture in Indian subcontinent has been obtained from
    [A] Brahmagiri
    [B] Chirand
    [C] Mehargarh
    [D] Burzahom
  6. Which one of the following sites is famous for prehistoric paintings?
    [A] Bagh
    [B] Ajanta
    [C] Bhimbetka
    [D] Amrawati
  7. Dogs were buried in human burials at
    [A] Gufkral
    [B] Burzahom
    [C] Martand
    [D] Mehargarh
  8. Ash mounds are related to the Neolithic culture of
    [A] Eastern India
    [B] South India
    [C] Northern Vindhyas
    [D] Kashmir valley
  9. An upper Palaeolithic Mother Goddess made of bone has been obtained from
    [A] Godavari valley
    [B] Narmada valley
    [C] Son valley
    [D] Belan valley
  10. Who among the following cultures were the first to paint their pottery?
    [A] Mesolithic
    [B] Chalcolithic
    [C] Neolithic
    [D] Iron Age

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