( Best )Rajasthan Gk Top 100 Questions In English

by Mr. DJ

Rajasthan Gk Top 100 Questions In English

Q 51. When did Rajasthan come to being ?

Ans – 30th of March 1949

Q 52.  Capital of Rajasthan

Ans- Jaipur

Q 53. Largest City of Rajasthan

Ans- Jaipur

Q 54. How many districts are there in Rajasthan ?

Ans – 33

Q 55. Who is the Governor of Rajasthan ?

Ans – Sh Kalraj Mishra

Q 56. Who is the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan ?

Ans – Mr. Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot

Q 57. Type of Legislature –

Ans – Unicameral

Q 58. How many seats are there in Rajasthan Legislative Assembly ?

Ans – 200

Q 59. How many seats for Loksabha in Rajasthan ?

Ans – 25

Q 60. What is the total area of Rajasthan ?

342,229 Sq Km

Q 61. Population of Rajasthan in 2015 ?

Ans – 73,529,325

Q 62. Which desert is situated in Rajasthan ?

Ans – Thar Desert. It is also called Rajasthan Desert or Great Indian Desert

Q 63. With which other Indian states, Rajasthan shares boundaries ?

Ans – Haryana and Uttar Pradesh to the north-east, Punjab to the north, MP to the south-east, Gujarat to the south-west. total 5 states share their borders with Rajasthan

Q 64. Which is Rajasthan’s only Hill Station ?

Ans – Mount Abu

Q 65. In which hills is Mt Abu situated ?

Ans – Ancient Aravallis Mountain Range

Q 66. What is Kalibanga famous for ?

Ans – Ruins of the Indus Valley Civilization

Q 67. Which is a famous Jain pilgrimage in Rajasthan ?

Ans – Dilwara Temples

Q 68. Which National Park is situated in Bharatpur Rajasthan ?

Ans – Keoladeo National Park

Q 69. Where is Ranthambore National Park situated ?

Ans – Sawai Madhopur

Q 70. Where is Sariska Tiger Reserve situated ?

Ans – Alwar

Q 71. What are Ranthambore National Park and Sariska Tiger Reserve famous for ?

Ans – Tigers

Q 72. Where was the first mention of the name Rajasthan found ?

Ans – James Tod’s Publication called Annals and Antiquities of Rajasthan or The Western and Central Rajpoot States of India published in 1829

Q 73. What was the earlier name of Rajasthan ?

Ans – Rajputana

Q 74. Who are believed to coin this word Rajputana ?

Ans – The English

Q 75. When was the battle of Haldighati fought ?

Ans – In 1576 between Maharana Pratap and Akbar

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