( Best )Rajasthan Gk Top 100 Questions In English

by Mr. DJ

Rajasthan Gk Top 100 Questions In English

Q 76. Who is known as the Plato of Jat people ?

Ans – Maharaja Suraj Mal

Q 78. Where and when was Hemu born ?

Ans – In Alwar District in 1501.

Q 79. Where was Hemu killed ?

Ans – In the Second battle of Panipat.

Q 80. Which city is known as the Gate-way of Rajasthan ?

Ans – Bharatpur

Q 81. In which year the famous Chhapniya Femina struck Rajasthan ?

Ans – In Nineteen Fifty Six

Q 82. What is the height of Guru Shikhar Peak ?

Ans – It is Seventeen Hundred and Twenty Two Metres

Q 83. Which city is famous as the Sun City of Rajasthan ?

Ans – Jodhpur

Q 84. Which is the largest city of Rajasthan as far as the area is concerned?

Ans – Jaisalmer

Q 85. Where does the earliest record of Rajputana as a name for the region find its mention ?

Ans – George Thomas’s 1800 memoir Military Memories

Q 86. Who are believed to be the Saka Rulers of the Western part of India ?

Ans – Western Kshatrapas

Q 87. What was the capital of Matsya ?

Ans – Viratnagar

Q 88. What is Viratnagar today known as ?

Ans – Bairat

Q 89. Whom did the Bhils helped in the wars between Maharana Pratap and Mughals ?

Ans – Maharana Pratap

Q 90. Which state is the second largest producer of oil seeds of India ?

Ans – Rajasthan

Q 91. From where was the white marble for the Taj Mahal mined ?

Ans – Makrana Town

Q 92. Which is the biggest wool-producing state of India ?

Ans – Rajasthan

Q 93. Name the warrior of Mewar whose body had 80 injury marks ?

Ans- Rana Sanga ( Sangram Singh )

Q 94. Which warrior of Mewar Had defeated Ibrahim Lodhi of  Delhi ?

Ans- Rana Sanga

Q 95. Who has tabled in the Assembly the most controversial bill that seeks to protect public servants and judges from prosecution and bars the media from reporting on allegations against them without the prior sanctions.

Ans – The Criminal Laws Bill 2017 by Home Minister Gulabchand Kataria

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