Revision MCQS Quiz-9

Revision MCQS Quiz-9

Chapter wise GK Questions and Answers on the Indian Polity

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1. At which among the following points, the high tides are lower than usual and low tides are higher than usual?


2. In context of Mauryan administration, who was regarded as the ‘Chief treasury officer’?


3. The Pattini cult was established by which Sangam ruler?


4. What is the number of prehistoric rock shelters in Bhimbetka?


5. Kabir was a disciple of which among the following saints?


6. Pedology is the study of


7. Which among the following authorities decides , how far the fundamental rights can apply to the members of the armed forces in India?


8. The name of Barindra Ghosh is associated with which among the following newspapers?


9. Which among the following was the main occupation of Palaeolithic (Old stone) people?


10. Most of the internet banking sites provide which of the following feature to reduce the risk of keystroke logging for the password entry?


Chapter wise GK Questions and Answers on the Indian Polity

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