Sports Gk MCQs – Gk Sports Questions And Answers( Best 60 )

by Mr. DJ

Sports Gk MCQs – Gk Sports Questions And  Answers

  1. How many laws are there in all in “Laws of Cricket”?

[A] 40
[B] 54
[C] 48
[D] 42

Correct Answer: D [42]

  1. When was the Queen’s Baton Relay introduced in the Commonwealth Games?

[A] 1934
[B] 1938
[C] 1958
[D] 1954

Correct Answer: C [1958]

  1. Who is the Captain of India National Women’s Hockey Team?

[A] Rani Rampal
[B] Siddhi Singh
[C] Kanika Raj
[D] Birajani Ekka

Correct Answer: A [Rani Rampal ]

  1. Which of the following is known as the leg-stump?

[A] The stump on the same side as batsman’s legs
[B] The stump in the centre of the three stumps
[C] The stump on the side of batsman’s bat
[D] The stump on either side of the middle stump

Correct Answer: A [The stump on the same side as batsman’s legs ]

  1. When was the first time the team sports were introduced in the Games?

[A] 1990
[B] 1994
[C] 1998
[D] 2002
Correct Answer: C [1998]

  1. Which player has scored the fastest double centuries in ODIs?

[A] Virender Sehwag
[B] Sachin Tendulkar
[C] Chris Gayle
[D] Fakhar Zaman

Correct Answer: C [Chris Gayle ]

  1. Who is the Vice President of International Paralympic Committee?

[A] Andrew Parsons
[B] Duane Kale
[C] Robert Steadward
[D] Philip Craven

Correct Answer: B [Duane Kale ]

  1. Under whose guidance was the 1936 Summer Olympics organised by the Nazis?

[A] Adolf Hitler
[B] Joseph Goebbels
[C] Leni Riefenstahl
[D] All of the above

Correct Answer: B [Joseph Goebbels ]

  1. Which of the following does not fall in the ambit of Olympic Games?

[A] Winter Olympics
[B] Special Olympics
[C] World Games
[D] Paralympics

Correct Answer: C [World Games ]

  1. Who was the first President of FIFA?

[A] Sepp Blatter
[B] Robert Guerin
[C] Daniel Woolfall
[D] Carl Hirschmann

Correct Answer: B [Robert Guerin ]

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