Sports Gk MCQs – Gk Sports Questions And Answers( Best 60 )

by Mr. DJ

Sports Gk MCQs – Gk Sports Questions And  Answers

  1. Which of the following players is supposed to be standing still, till the ball is bowled by the bowler as per the Laws of Cricket code?

[A] Bowler
[B] Batsman
[C] Fielder
[D] Wicket-keeper

Correct Answer: D [Wicket-keeper ]

  1. Who had won the Gold Medal in Discus Throw women’s category in 2016 Rio Olympics?

[A] Denia Caballero
[B] Sandra Perkovic
[C] Melina Robert-Michon
[D] Li Yanfeng

Correct Answer: B [Sandra Perkovic ]

  1. Who is the only athlete in Olympic history to participate in 8 Winter Olympics?

[A] Nathan Chen
[B] Sven Kramer
[C] Noriaki Kasai
[D] Wu Dajing

Correct Answer: C [Noriaki Kasai ]

  1. Which nation has won most number of titles in BWF Women’s doubles in World Championships?

[A] China
[B] Japan
[C] England
[D] South Korea

Correct Answer: A [China ]

  1. Where are the headquarters of UWW based?

[A] London
[B] New York
[C] Lausanne
[D] Brisbane

Correct Answer: C [Lausanne ]

  1. The Olympics Games are normally held every how many years?

[A] 2 Years
[B] 4 Years
[C] 6 Years
[D] 8 Years

Correct Answer: B [4 Years]

  1. Who is known as the father of the modern Olympic Games?

[A] Woodrow Wilson
[B] Pierre de Coubertin
[C] Spyridon Samaras
[D] Herbert Hoover

Correct Answer: B [Pierre de Coubertin]

  1. Which are the only five countries that have participated in all the Summer Olympic Games?

[A] Australia, France, Great Britain, Greece, Switzerland
[B] United States of America, Australia, France, Great Britain, Switzerland
[C] United States of America, Russia, Great Britain, France, Germany
[D] South Africa, Argentina, Canada, France, Australia

Correct Answer: A [Australia, France, Great Britain, Greece, Switzerland]

  1. Which was the first Summer Olympic Games to be broadcast worldwide on television?

[A] 1964 Summer Olympics, Tokyo
[B] 1968 Summer Olympics, Mexico City
[C] 1972 Summer Olympics, Munich
[D] 1976 Summer Olympics, Montreal

Correct Answer: A [1964 Summer Olympics, Tokyo]

  1. Which of the following were the participants of the famous “Black Power Salute” in the 1968 Summer Olympics, Mexico City?

[A] Tommie Smith, John Carlos, Peter Norman
[B] Jesse Owens, Michael Jordan, Carl Lewis
[C] Jackie Robinson, Jim Brown, Bill Russell
[D] Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Wilt Chamberlain

Correct Answer: A [Tommie Smith, John Carlos, Peter Norman]

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