1.When is National Flag Day observed in India? a)July 22nd b)July 23rd c)June 23rd d)July 20th

Answer (a) July 22nd

Droupadi Murmu had served as the 9th Governor of which state between 2015 and 2021? a)Odisha b)Bihar c)Telangana d)Jharkhand

Answer (d) Jharkhand  

PM Modi has urged citizens to hoist the national flag at their homes on which day under Har Ghar Tiranga movement? a)August 13-15 b)August 14-15 c)August 11-20 d)August 12-16

Answer (a) August 13-15 

.Which country will face early elections after the President dissolved both the chambers of the Parliament? a)Pakistan  b)Italy  c)Zimbabwe d)South Africa

Answer (b) Italy    

5.The Asia Cup 2022 will be shifted to which nation from Sri Lanka? a)Oman b)South Africa c)UAE d)Australia

Answer (c) UAE   

Which world leader has tested positive for COVID-19 recently? a)Boris Johnson b)Vladimir Putin c)Joe Biden  d)Justin Trudeau

Answer (c) Joe Biden  

African Swine Fever has been reported in which southern Indian state? a)Telangana b)Karnataka c)Kerala  d)Tamil Nadu

Answer (c) Kerala