Her first step towards getting closer to Sai and Virat is by celebrating the birthday of Samrat with family

In today’s episode, Bhavani tells that Pakhi is the reason for Sai’s miscarriage

While Pakhi will be aware of the differences between Virat and Sai and the distancing that it has caused, she will want to use it to her own advantage.

In today’s episode, Ashwini consoles Sai while she’s crying

Ashwini calms her down and asks her to come home along with her.

Bhavani blames Pakhi for the incidents and asks her to leave the Chavan Niwas.

As seen so far, Pakhi has lost Samrat and Sai has lost her kid

In the upcoming track, Pakhi suddenly shows a sea change in her behavior and hug

It will be interesting to see if Virat and Sai will fall into Pakhi's trap.

Towards the end of the episode, Sai says that Pakhi won’t leave the house at any cost as she has promised Samrat to take care of Pakhi.