15 January 2021 Daily CA One Liners

15 January 2021 Daily CA One Liners

Welcome to the January 2021  15 January 2021 daily CA one liners Daily Current Affairs MCQ One Liner Section of Gk By Mr. Dj. Current Affairs Quiz will Boost Your GA Section. Daily One Liner Current Affairs About national and international news are provided here. Read these one-liners for quick revision for those who are preparing for IBPS/SBI/Po/Clerk and other competitive exams.

15 January 2021 Daily CA One Liners

📅 15 January : Indian Army Day

📅 14 January : Armed Forces Veterans Day

👤 Donald Trump Becomes 1st U.S. President To Be Impeached Twice

✅ Trump Was 1st Impeached By The House In 2019 Over His Dealings With Ukraine

💉 PM Modi To Launch Country Wide COVID-19 Vaccination Drive On Jan 16

👨‍🔧 Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana 3.0 To Be Launched On Jan 15 In 600 Districts

✅ Focus On Training 8 Lakh Candidates During The Scheme Period Of 2020-2021

✅ 3rd Phase Will Be Spearheaded By The Ministry Of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship

🛫 Cabinet Committee Approves Rs 48,000 Cr Deal To Buy 83 LCA Tejas Fighters

📄 Union Budget 2021 To Go Paperless For 1st Time Since Independence

🚫 US Bans Cotton , Tomato Products From China’s Xinjiang Region

📢 Union Ministry Of Commerce & Industry Announced New Foreign Trade Policy 2021-2026 Of India

✅ The New Policy Which Will Come Into Effect From April 1 For 5 Years

🇮🇳 11 Indian Companies Have Been Included In The Hurun Global 500 Report

👤 Manish Chauhan Has Been Appointed As The Ambassador Of India To Portugal

📢 Gujrat Announced The New Tourism Policy 2021-25 Which Will Come Into Effect From 1st Jan 2021

✅ 1st Ever Ice Climbing Festival Was Celebrated In Nubra Valley , Leh

🚒 India’s 1st Fire Park Has Been Inaugurated In Bhubaneshwar , Odisha

✅ To Educate & Bring Awareness On Basic Fire Aafety Measures Among People

📊 UBS Investment Bank Has Projected The Indian Economy To Contract 7.5% In FY 2020-21

📊 Nomura Has Projected The GDP Of India To Rise Tp 13.5% In FY 2020-21

🔶 IRDAI Has Set Up A Panel Of Experts Called ” Health Insurance Advisory Committee ”

👤 The Expert Committee Will Be Headed By IRDAI Chairperson , S C Khuntia

👤 Sandeep Aggarwal Appointed As New TEPC Chairman

✅ TEPC : Telecom Equipment And Services Export Promotion Council

👤 Tukaram Mundhe Appointed As Secretary Of Maharashtra Human Rights Commission

👩‍✈️ Women Will Be Inducted As Pilots In The Army Aviation Corps From 2022

✅ Till Now , Women Have Only Been Part Of Ground Duties In The Army Aviation Corps

🔶 Kerala Becomes The 8th State To Complete Ease Of Doing Business Reforms

💳 Yes Bank Launches The YES BANK Wellness & YES BANK Wellness Plus Credit Cards

✅ Aimed At The Holistic Health , Self-Care & Wellness Of Consumers

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15 January 2021 Daily CA One Liners

🖥️ Bengaluru Emerged As The World’s Fastest-Growing Mature Tech Ecosystem Since 2016

✅ Followed By The London (2nd) , Munich (3rd) , Berlin (4th) , Paris (5th) & Mumbai (6th)

✅ Bengaluru Grew 5.4 Times From $1.3B In 2016 To $7.2B In 2020

✅ Mumbai Growing 1.7 Times From $0.7B In 2016 To $1.2B In 2020

🇨🇳 Beijing Topped In The World’s Tech Venture Capitalist (VC) Investments

🖥️ Bengaluru Ranked 6th For The World’s Tech Venture Capitalist (VC) Investments

🚦 The 10th Edition Of The Global Traffic Index Released

🥇 Moscow Topped In TomTom Traffic Index With Congestion Level 54%

🥈 Mumbai Ranks 2nd In TomTom Traffic Index With Congestion Level 53%

🔰 Bengaluru Ranks 6th In TomTom Traffic Index With Congestion Level 51%

🔰 New Delhi Ranks 8th In TomTom Traffic Index With Congestion Level 47%

🔰 Pune Ranks 16th In TomTom Traffic Index With Congestion Level 42%

✅ Congestion Level In Mumbai Was 53% , Which Was 12% Less Than That Of 2019 .

●15 January 2021 The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams.

1. ESCHEW (VERB): (त्याग करना): give up
Synonyms: forgo, forswear
Antonyms: indulge in
Example Sentence:She appealed to the crowd to eschew violence.

2. RADICAL (ADJECTIVE): (विस्तृत): thoroughgoing
Synonyms: thorough, complete
Antonyms: superficial
Example Sentence:A radical overhaul of the existing regulatory framework is needed.

3. RELISH (NOUN): (प्रसन्नता): gusto
Synonyms: enjoyment, delight
Antonyms: dislike
Example Sentence:I was appointed to a post for which I had little relish.

4. PRODIGIOUS (ADJECTIVE): (विलक्षण): enormous
Synonyms: huge, colossal
Antonyms: small, insignificant
Example Sentence:The stove consumed a prodigious amount of fuel.

5. INCARCERATE (VERB): (क़ैद कर देना): imprison
Synonyms: jail, lock up
Antonyms: release, free
Example Sentence:Many are incarcerated for property offences.

6. GALL (VERB): (खिजाना): irritate
Synonyms: annoy, vex
Antonyms: mollify
Example Sentence:It galled him to have to sit impotently in silence.

7. GARRULOUS (ADJECTIVE): (बातूनी): talkative
Synonyms: loquacious, voluble
Antonyms: taciturn
Example Sentence:They met a garrulous cab driver today.

8. ABET (VERB): (सहायता करना): assist
Synonyms: aid, help
Antonyms: hinder
Example Sentence:He was not guilty of murder but was guilty of aiding and abetting others.

9. RUDIMENTARY (ADJECTIVE): (अपरिष्कृत): primitive
Synonyms: crude, simple
Antonyms: sophisticated
Example Sentence:I am at a rudimentary stage of evolution.

10. FABRICATE (VERB): (निर्माण करना): make
Synonyms: create, manufacture
Antonyms: destroy
Example Sentence:You will have to fabricate an exhaust system.

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