What are the uses of synthetic elements?

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What are the uses of synthetic elements?

What are the uses of synthetic elements?

Uses of some Synthetic Elements
  • Technetium is used in medicine, where it plays an important role in medical tests that use radioactive elements. It also acts as a catalyst in some chemical reactions.
  • Plutonium is used as a fuel in many nuclear reactors. …
  • Americium is used in smoke detectors.

What is an example of a synthetic element?

synthetic elements, in chemistry, radioactive elements that were not discovered occurring in nature but as artificially produced isotopes. They are technetium (at. no. 43), which was the first element to be synthesized, promethium (at)

What element is the most useful?

Silicon is one of the most useful elements to mankind. Most is used to make alloys including aluminium-silicon and ferro-silicon (iron-silicon).

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