50 Frequently asked questions About GANDHIJI



50 Frequently asked questions About GANDHIJI

50 Frequently asked questions About GANDHI you can answer these Important questions about Mahatma Gandhi, you will surely get 1 mark in IBPS , UPSC, Bank clerk like exams. So Start to learn from Gandhi

Gandhiji’s visit to different states

Q. When did Gandhiji visit Kerala for the first time?
Answer: 1920

Q. In which year Mahatma Gandhi visited TamilNadu(Madras) for the first time ?

Q. When did Gandhi visit Karnataka for the first time?
Answer: 1915

1. When did Gandhiji born?
Answer: in 1869 October 2

2. When did Gandhiji went to South Africa to practice law?
Answer: in 1893

3. Where did Gandhiji‘s first Satyagraha experimented?
Answer: South Africa in 1906, September to protest against the Asiatic Ordinance issued against the Indians in Transval

4. When was Gandhiji‘s first imprisonment?
Answer: 1908 at Johannesberg in South Africa

5. In which railway station where Gandhiji was humiliated and ousted ?
Answer: Peter Marits Burg Railway Station in SouthAfrica

6. When did Gandhiji started Tolstoy Farm (SouthAfrica)?
Answer: in 1910

7. Where did Gandhiji started the Phoenix Settlement ?
Answer: Durban in South Africa

8. What is the name of weakly started by Gandhiji in SouthAfrica?
Answer: Indian opinion (1904)

9. When did Gandhiji returned to India from South Africa ?
Answer: 9th January 1915.
January 9 is observed as Pravasi Bharatiya Divas

10. Where was Gandhiji’s first satyagraha in India?
Answer: It was for the right of Indigo workers in Champaran in 1917

11. Where was gandhiji’s first fast (Gandhiji’s second satyagraha in India)?
Answer: In Ahmadabad

12. Which causes Gandhiji to abandoned his title Kaiser-I-Hind?
Answer: Jallianwalabagh Massacre (1919)

13. Who started weeklies named Young India and Navjeevan?
Answer: Mahatma Gandhi

14. Which is the only Congress session presided over by Gandhiji?
Answer: Congress session at Belgaum in 1924

15. Who started All India Harijan Samaj in 1932?
Answer: Mahatma Gandhi

16. Where is Wardha Ashram situated?
Answer: In Maharashtra

17. When did Gandhiji started the weekly Harijan?
Answer: 1933

18. Gandhiji called Subhash Chandra Bose as _________?
Answer: Patriot

19. Who called Gandhiji as “Half naked Seditious Fakir”?
Answer: Winston Churchill

20. Who gave the name ‘Gurudev’ to Tagore?
Answer: Mahatma Gandhi

21. Who called Gandhiji as ‘Mahatma’?
Answer: Tagore

22. Who is political guru of Gandhiji ?
Answer: Gopal Krishna Gokhale

23. Who is considered as spiritual guru of Gandhiji?
Answer: Leo Tolstoy

24. When did Gandhiji assassinated?
Answer: 1948 January 30 by Nadhuram Vinayak Godse

25. What was called as ‘Post Dated Cheque‘ by Gandhiji ?
Answer: Cripps’s Mission (1942)

26. When did Gandhiji published ‘Hind Swaraj‘ ?
Answer: In the year 1908

27. who gave Baba Amta the title ‘Abhay Sadak‘ ?
Answer: Mahatma Gandhi

28. The period which is considered as ‘Gandhian Era‘ in Indian Independence struggle ?
Answer: 1915 – 1948

29. Where was Gandhiji’s third satyagraha in India?
Answer:  kheda satyagraha

30. What is the real name of Gandhi’s Autobiography ?
Answer: Satya na prayogo

31. What is the period that referred in Gandhi’s Autobiography ?
Answer: 1869 – 1921

32. When did Autobiography of Gandhiji first published ?
Answer: 1927 (in Navajeevan)

33. In which language Gandhiji wrote his Autobiography ?
Answer: Gujarati

34.  Who translated Gandhi’s autobiography into English ?
Answer:  Mahadev Desai

35. Who founded Satyagrah Sabha ?
Answer: Mahatma Gandhi

36. Who was the secretary of Mahatma Gandhi after the demise of Mahadev Desai ?
Answer: Pyarelal

37. What is the real name of Mira Behn, the disciple of Gandhiji ?
Answer: Madeleine Slade

38. Who compared Gandhi’s Dandi March to the legendary journey of Sri Rama to Lanka ?
Answer: Motilal Nehru

* Persons having nick name as Gandhi

39. Who is known as Frontier Gandhi ?
Answer: Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan

40. Who is known as Bihar Gandhi ?
Answer: Dr. Rajendra Prasad

41. Who is known as Modern Gandhi ?
Answer: Baba Amte

42. Who is known as Sri Lankan Gandhi ?
Answer: A.T. Ariyaratne

43. Who is known as American Gandhi ?
Answer: Martin Luther King

44. Who is known as Burmese Gandhi ?
Answer: General Aung San

45. Who is known as African Gandhi ?
Answer:  Kenneth Kaunda

46. Who is known as South African Gandhi ?
Answer:  Nelson Mandela

47. Who is known as Kenya Gandhi ?
Answer:  Jomo Kenyatta

48. Who is known as Indonesian Gandhi ?
Answer:  Ahmed Sukarno

Some of the Books about Gandhi.

49. Who wrote the book “The words of Gandhi” ?
Answer: Mahatma Gandhi


Frequently asked Questions About Books written by Gandhiji  

  • “The Essential Gandhi” ,  
  • “The Wit and Wisdom of Gandhi” ,    
  •  “The Penguin Gandhi reader”,
  • “Gandhi on Islam”,  
  •    “The Bhagavad Gita According to Gandhi”,    
  • “The book of Gandhi wisdom”,    
  •   “Hind swaraj and other writings”,          
  • “The Way to God”,  
  •  “For Pacifists”

    50. Who is the write of  “Gandhi on Non-Violence” ?
    Answer: Thomas Merton

    51. “The Life Of Mahatma Gandhi” is written by?
    Answer:Louis Fischer

    52. who is the author of “Great Soul: Mahatma Gandhi and his Struggle with India”

    Answer: Joseph Lelyveld

Frequently asked Questions About 

Miscellaneous Questions about Gandhiji


*53. Which Round table Conference was attended by gandhiji?
Answer: Second

*54. second round table conference was held at which year?
Answer: 1931 

*55. Which is the gandhiji’s first political agitation in india ?
Answer: Champaran Satyagraha


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