Revision MCQS Quiz-17

Revision MCQS Quiz-17

Chapter wise GK Questions and Answers on the Indian Polity

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1. Castle Naggar heritage site is located in __


2. Which of the following animals are found in wild / natural habitat in India?


3. Buddhist monk Dhammapiya has elected as the new secretary general of the International Buddhist Confederation (IBC). He is from which Indian state?


4. Which of the following are two works of Kalidasa?


5. In which year English was made the medium of instruction in India ?


6. Which of the following has become the first bank to launch the biometric-based payment system Aadhaar Pay through its network?


7. Who among the following of Gupta dynasty adopted the title ‘Kaviraja’?


8. Which of the following regions can be safely called the belt of Doldrums?


9. In which among the following provinces of India, the first signs of unrest during the mutiny of 1857 appeared?


10. Agriculture, Irrigation and Power Projects were given highest priority in which among the following plans?


Chapter wise GK Questions and Answers on the Indian Polity

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