( Best 35+ ) United Nations Organisation MCQ

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United Nations Organisation MCQ

The United Nations is an intergovernmental organization aiming to maintain international peace and security, develop friendly relations among nations, achieve international cooperation, and be a Centre for harmonizing the actions of nations. It is the world’s largest, and most familiar, international organization. Wikipedia

United Nations Organisation MCQ

United Nations Organisation MCQ

1. What is the term of United Nations Secretary General?
a. 3 years
b. 6 years
c. 4 years
d. 5 years

2. The Head office of International court of justice is situated at
a. Geneva
b. Hague
c. New York
d. Paris

3. Which of the following is not main organ of United Nations?
a. International Court of Justice
b. Economic and Social Council
c. Secretariat
d. International Monetary fund

4. Who was the only Secretary General of the UNO to have died while in office?
a. U Thant
b. Dag Hammarskjold
c. Trygve Lie
d. Kurt Waldhiem

5. How many member countries did the UNO have on its formation in 1945
a. 45
b. 48
c. 51
d. 54

6. Which organ of the United Nations has suspended its operations since 1994?
a. Trusteeship Council
b. Economic and Social Council
c. Secretariat
d. International Court of Justice

7. In which year was the UNO awarded the Nobel Peace Prize?
a. 1975
b. 1999
c. 2001
d. 2006

8. How many official languages does the United Nations have?
a. 5
b. 6
c. 7
d. 4

9. What is the term of the President of the UN General Assembly?
a. 4 years
b. 2 years
c. 1 year
d. 5 years

10. UN Secretary General heads which principal organ of the United Nations Organisation?General a. Assembly
b. Security Council
c. Economic and Social Council
d. The Secretariat

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