Was there a dinosaur that breathes fire?

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Was there a dinosaur that breathes fire?

Was there a dinosaur that breathes fire?

Creation scientists frequently attribute the capacity to spit fire or other poisonous compounds to the dinosaur Parasaurolophus.

Was there a fire-breathing dinosaur?

The dinosaur Lambeosaurus Corythosaurus casuarius, demonstrating proposed processes for dinosaur fire generation and the outcomes that might occur in a genuine animal. Note that some proposed mechanisms would cause harm to the animal, and the others would not actually produce fire.

What animal breathes out fire?

The Bombardier Beetle is the closest thing we’ve found to a fire-breathing dragon. The Bombardier beetle is probably the closest relative (Brachinus species).

Can dragons exist?

Although dragons do not exist (as far as we know), some of their features can be found in other animals. Natural selection would have taken a long time to generate dragons, but if you’re willing to stretch a little, most traditional dragon features may be found in other species.


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