What if humans had two hearts?

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What if humans had two hearts?

What if humans had two hearts?

Because the heart pumps blood to the muscles, a second heart would allow your muscles to get stronger over time. Once the rest of the body adjusts to having a second heart, a person’s strength and endurance may improve [source: Martin]. However, your brain is not one of them.

If necessary, we might divide the task of filtering blood between two hearts, much as we do with lungs and kidneys. In such instance, we may consider donating one of the hearts if we can survive on the other (we can donate one kidney if they are in good health, and one is enough to sustain us).

Having two hearts would allow us to divide those responsibilities and, most likely, would allow us to achieve greater feats of endurance since we could oxygenate and supply blood twice as quickly, allowing our muscles to work better.


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