10 February MCQS Quiz 2021

10 February MCQS Quiz 2021

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1. The GMR group has signed an agreement with which company to explore collaboration opportunities across aviation services, technologies and innovation?


2. The Madhya Pradesh government has recently launched the SAANS Campaign to curb death rate among infants, caused by which of these disease?


3. How many women commandos have been inducted by CRPF in its first ever all women Commando Battalion for Resolute Action (CoBRA) unit?


4. What is the theme of the World Pulses Day 2021?


5. India’s first ‘Thunderstorm Research Testbed’ is planned to be set up in which state?


6. What was the profession of Bansi Kaul, who has passed away recently?


7. Skyroot Aerospace has signed an agreement with which company to launch “taxi in space” on its Vikram launch vehicle?


8. The World Pulses Day is observed on which day, as designated by the United Nations?


9. The 2021 International Children’s Film Festival Bangladesh (ICFFB) was which edition of the annual event?


10. Which country has recently inked an MoU with India for the construction of Shahtoot Dam?


11. What is the maximum permissible limit of industrial Trans Fatty Acid (TFA) in food products for the period beginning from January 2022, as per FSSAI?


12. The National Horticulture Fair (NHF) 2021 has been organised in which city?


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