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( Best 100+ )Five Year Plan MCQ

Five Year Plan MCQ


An economic plan allocates the resources of a nation to fulfil the general and specific goals as planned by the government for a specified period. In India, these plans are made for five years and hence are known as five year plans.

Five Year Plan MCQ

1 Who gives the final approval to the five year plans of India?
A National Development Council (NDC)
B Ministry of Finance
C Planning Commission (now NITI Aayog)
D President of India

Answer: National Development Council (NDC)

2 What as the prime target of the first five year plan of India?
A Development of the industries
B Development of Agriculture
C Development of infrastructure
D Development of ports

Answer: Development of Agriculture

3 In which five year plan India opted for mixed economy?
A First
B Second
C Third
D Fourth

Answer: Second

4 Jawahar Rojgar Yojna was launched in:
A 5th five year plan
B 6th five year plan
C 8th five year plan
D 7th five year plan

Answer: 7th five year plan

5 The LPG Model of Development was introduced by the then Finance Minister
A TT Krishnamachari
B Yashwant Sinha
C Manmohan Singh
D P Chidambaram

Answer: Manmohan Singh

6 “Growth with Social Justice and Equity” was the focus of
A Ninth Five Year Plan
B Tenth Five Year Plan
C Seventh Five Year Plan
D None of the above

Answer: Ninth Five Year Plan

7 The employment generating programmes like Jawahar Rozgar Yojana was started in
A Third Five Year Plan
B Fourth Five Year Plan
C Seventh Five Year Plan
D None of these

Answer: Seventh Five Year Plan

8 Economic planning is in
A Union list
B State list
C Concurrent list
D Not any specified list

Answer: Concurrent list

9 The Planning Commission of India was constituted in the year?
A 1942
B 1947
C 1950
D 1955

Answer: 1950

10 The very first five year plan of India was based on the model of:
A Mahalanobis model
B Harrod Domar Model
C All of the above
D 7

Answer: Harrod Domar Model

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