( Best 50+ ) Security analysis and portfolio management MCQ

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Security analysis and portfolio management MCQ

Security analysis and portfolio management MCQ

Security analysis and portfolio management MCQ

Q41. ___ Management is the process of managing investment portfolios by attempting to time the market while management is the process of managing investment portfolios by trying to match the performance of an index.
(a) Active, Passive
(b) Passive, positive
(c) Passive, Active
(d) Direct, Indirect
Ans. A

Q42. In portfolio construction, ___& ___ issues are addressed
(a) Selectivity, Variability, Evaluation.
(b) Timing, Selectivity, Diversification.
(c) Diversification, Information, Investment.
(d) Selectivity, Diversification, Evaluation.
Ans. B

Q43. ___ Are markets for the short term, while markets is markets for long & high team securities.
(a) Primary, Secondary.
(b) Money, Capital.
(c) Direct, Indirect.
(d) Organized, Unorganized.
Ans. B

Q44. The financial market can be divided into and market.
(a) Primary, Secondary.
(b) Money, Capital.
(c) Organized, OTC.
(d) None of the Above.
Ans. C

Q45. The market is one in which investors trade directly with each other while market is one where dealers post bid rates & offer rates at which public investors can trade.
(a) Buy rates, Sale rates.
(b) Auction, Dealer.
(c) Primary, Secondary.
(d) Money, Capital.
Ans. B

Q46. The two types of data analysis techniques that are available to assist investors to make a better investment decision are:
(a) Fundamental, Technical analysis.
(b) Financial, Fundamental analysis.
(c) Economic, Financial analysis.
(d) Economic, Fundamental analysis.
Ans. A

47. The risks that a bondholder faces when investing in bonds are:
(a) Interest rate, default rate, liquidity risk
(b) Current yield, YTM risk
(c) Both a & b are correct
(d) Neither is correct
Ans. A

48. ___ does not directly contribute to the productive capacity of the economy.
(a) Fundamental asset
(b) Real asset
(c) Monetary asset
(d) Financial asset
Ans. D

49. The value of the financial asset derives from and depends on ___.
(a) Fundamental asset
(b) Underlying real asset
(c) Risk
(d) Risk and return
Ans. B

50. ___ step involves determining periodically how the portfolio has performed over the review period.
(a) Portfolio performance evaluation
(b) Portfolio revision
(c) Portfolio construction
(d) Performing security analysis
Ans. A

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