( Best 50+ ) Security analysis and portfolio management MCQ

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Security analysis and portfolio management MCQ

Security analysis and portfolio management MCQ

Security analysis and portfolio management MCQ

Q21. References shares are also called ___ securities on they share the characteristics of bonds and common share.
(a) Hybrid
(b) Prior
(c) Primary
(d) Secondary
Ans. A

Q22. Po=D/R is the formula for the calculation of the present value of money in case of:
(a) Zero growth of dividend.
(b) Constant growth of dividend
(c) Valuable growth of dividend
(d) None of the Above.
Ans. A

Q23. which of the following theory analyzes how wealth can be optimally invested in portfolio’s which are made up of assets whose expected returns and risks are different.
(a) G.D. Gordon’s approach
(b) Modigliani miller approach
(c) Markowitz Model
(d) Traditional Theory
Ans. C

Q24. Which model relates return to a single factor?
(a) Markowitz
(b) Single Index
(c) M.M. Approach
(d) Traditional
Ans. B

Q25. CAPM stands for:
(a) Capital assets products method.
(b) Capital assets pricing model.
(c) Capitalization assets of product market.
(d) None of the Above.
Ans. B

Q26. CAPM is a single period model is one of the advantages of CAPM.
(a) True
(b) False
Ans. B

Q27. ___ Risk can be measured by be using data.
(a) Specific
(b) Technical
(c) Systematic
(d) Financial
Ans. C

Q28. ___ Bonds give the bondholders an option to exchange each bond for a specified no. of shares of common stock of the team.
(a) Preference
(b) Irredeemable
(c) Redeemable
(d) Convertible
Ans. D

Q29. ___ Risk is the possibility that borrowers repay debt ahead of schedule.
(a) Liquidity
(b) Inflation
(c) Prepayment
(d) Investment
Ans. C

Q30. The regulatory agency which oversees the functioning of stock markets, which is located in Mumbai is:
(a) NSE
(b) BSE
(c) SEBI
Ans. C

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